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I am just take some info... my next computer will be a Mac.

So I read here and there... I have DVD from zone 2 (Western Europe) and I am in Canada (zone 1). I would like to know the way to dezone the DVD player.

As far as I know, I am requesting something that is legal, my DVD are legal and not available in Zone 1 (at least not with the Parisian accent) also I do not the interest to buy AGAIN.

As far as I know, any hardware provider should be able to give the dezonage code since the use that you what to have is legal.


Please let me know if you know the trick out using VLC (thanks... I know I am not that geek, but I have some basics!) beside the fact, that this post is talking to Apple Corp by rising a legal and, I believe, good point: prouve me why I should break a sweat since I am in the pure legality?


I am forecasting to spend close by 5 canadians grants, I believe that it authorize to obtain some answers.


Thanks a lot.

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