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OK I don't know what is going on with my Mac but it has some serious issues it would seem. Important sidenote: I've had some major issues with the 10.7.3 update (read here - now solved) and iTunes is also causing problems with newly imported MP3 files (read here - currently not solved) but corrupting them.


A few days before installing 10.7.3, I opened iTunes and all of my music and playlists were gone. Frustrating, but I keep all my music filed on an external hard drive so I was able to import all of music. I couldn't get back my playlists but that wasn't the end of the world. iTunes then tells me a day later there is an update available and I install it (10.5.3). Since then things have gotten odd.


I noticed in my iTunes folder (USER > MUSIC > ITUNES) that there is a file called "iTunes Library (Damaged)" along with my current "iTunes Library.itl". I presume the 'damaged' library is the one where my playlists reside but due to some fault I can no longer access them?


Screen Shot 2012-02-05 at 12.01.10.png

Can I make use of the 'damanged library' and perhaps restore things to how they were? If I cannot use the damaged library then can I delete it?


This is an almost brand new iMac 27", bought in early December 2011. I checked the 'Previous iTunes Library' but the only library in there is the one from the first day of purchase (so it's empty).


iTunes does seem to be very buggy for me at the moment. Would deleting preferences etc be a good idea at this point? So many issues...

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    I'm Having The Same Exact Issue As Well!!!! I'm Using a PC with itunes ever since I updated to this version This has been happening. I'm just trying to find out why my library is corrupting itself over and over it's a really annoying process to do over and over. :[