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Hello all,


I've enabled Filevault 2 on my Lion primary HD. When scanning my disk with Disk Utility, it tells me that I it needs to be repaired and that I need to reboot my Mac and hold CMD+R keys, then enter Disk Utility in "restore mode" of Lion.


So that's what I do: I restart my Mac and enter restore mode.


Now, to fix my drive, I need to unlock it. In Disk Utility, the disk is greyed out and when clicking on it, a "unlock" button appears at the top. I've tried every possible password I know (including the restore key), but I'm UNABLE to unlock my HD.


Funny thing is that I know my password is right, because I can select the Change password feature in the File menu and it works well. But the new password can't unlock the hard drive!


So, my question is: when Filevault 2 is enabled, how can I unlock the drive to scan and repair it? Is there a bug in this feature??


Thanks for your insights!

Macbook Pro, French Settings