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I recently purchased a 2009 Xserve that has an Apple RAID card installed. I have the three SAS drives in the Xserve in a RAID 1 volume currently. I also have Sonnet Fusion R400P connected to the Xserve via a Sonnet E4P Serial ATA PCI Express Card. Currently, the drives are in a Software RAID that I created in Disk Utility. Would I be able to create a RAID 5 volume with the Xserve RAID card with these drives (Four WD 2TB Black Drives connected via an external SATA PCI Express Card)? I am currently not able to try as the drives are in a Disk Utility software RAID, and I do not want to attempt this if it will not work. I know that when I first set it up (on a different server, without a RAID Card) in Disk Utility, as a striped volume , four different hard drives appeared on the desktop and the drives appeared before I set up the Striped software RAID and in the Serial-ATA list in System Profiler, four separate drives appeared.



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    Hi Steven,


    Afraid not, the internal RAID card is purely for the 3 internal drive bays on the Xserve. You could try putting the disks in the caddies and creating a RAID that way but you would lose any data on them and there is no guarantee that these disks will actually work in the Xserve. Some do some don't.


    Hope that helps