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I am using the mac mini and succeed to setup the webdav in Lion. Our PC, Mac and IOS users can connect the webdav shared folder for any copy and paste files. However, we all can't rewrite anything. The main point is we CAN paste a new one or replace the original one except making any chaged on existing file and saved it. Even saved the changed, we also can't rename the file or folder name at all. It is very strange we have the read and write permission on the shared folder but we can't save the changed. The following is my setting for the webdav share.


1) Create one folder as the webdav shared folder, check the share with IOS devices option in server.app and grant read & write permission to our group user.


2) All users connect to the webdav shared folder using the link http://myservername/webdav/shared_folder_name and succeeded.


3) User succeeded to read, copy file/folder from shared folder to local and copy new file/folder the shared folder.


4) User failed to rename the file/folder and save any changed in shared folder.


Does anyone have the same problem? Is there any special setting for webdav sharing?