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    ejHopper Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well guys, I figured it out, for my device at least. After using Siri, the phones mic and speaker are sensitive to voice and the mic has amplified itself to hear you, and it hasn't reset itself yet causing maximum volume on the speaker for some reason for brief time after using Siri. (Something like that, it's kind of confusing) This is apparently a software problem on many iPhone 4Ses and needs to be fixed in a software update!


    Source: my own research and tests.

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    nakm Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My only problem with that is my husband's performance just fine. Have you figured out a way to reset it? I think I would be okay with not exchanging it if I knew how to reset it so that it would perform properly after I've used to talk to write or Siri. I noticed the same thing, it seemed as if it would increase when I was using talk to text but then I can't get it to go back down.

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    After reading some of the last posts, i tried to just rub the key and the volume started shooting up....


    Tried is several times and i get the same result.... i guess the problem is hardware ... booked a Genius to look it up and hopefullt get an exchange.


    I will update after i get that done.

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    I had same problem of volume decreasing when I came out of sleep mode or when I touched the volume up button on my 4s.  I did the following:


    *Put iPhone in "sleep" mode by hitting button on top right of iPhone

    *depress the "home" button x2 and a "volume" scroll bar should appear at top of your screen (DO NOT unlock slide bar at bottom of screen when it appears).

    *Slide volume to desired level

    *NOW move unlock slide bar to the right

    That's it..


    Now my problem seems to have disappeared.

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    Went to see a Genius yesterday (1st experience with them ever and i own several AAPL products) and there was no fuss, arguments or anything of the sort...


    I demonstrated the problem twice. Since i already had done the restore and hard resets, they changed my iPhone right on the spot...


    Problem solved.

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    Wanted to provide an update to my original post.  I took my phone in to the apple store tonight and the employee said he wanted to try and open it up to fix it.  After about 10 minutes he came back and said he was unable to fix it and would give me a replacement.  The repair notes stated the following:


    Issue: Customer states that the volume will randomly decrease on its own.

    Steps to reproduce: Wiggling the volume buttons causes the button to shift and volume decrease without pressing button. Volume shim does not resolve.

    Proposed Resolution: Swap iPhone to repair.


    I'm happy with Apples willingness to quickly acknowledge this issue and provide a replacement.  I believe the replacement also resolved the screen tint/contrast issue I was having.  High five to Apple. 

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    Wanted to give an update on my phone. I called Apple support and the person I spoke with was extremely helpful. I backed up all of my information (not just sync) on my home computer and then reset the phone to manufacturer settings. Not sure why, but for me that seemed to work just fine. I've used Siri sitting at home, Siri on my Bluetooth, talk to type and everything seems to perform just perfectly after all of the voice command functions are used.


    Hope you all have success with your devices.

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    Sorry for being rather daft, but, I have a couple questions regarding your solution.


    After backing up your phone, did you 'Reset All Content and Settings' or 'Reset All Settings?'

    Then, after that, did you put your content back onto your device and the problem was resolved?


    Thank you.

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    I was having the same issue, not matter what app I was using being it a music player or youtube. My volume would just turn off. Was about to do a restore, but had to run an errand. So while I was driving plugged my iPhone 4s to FM transmitter and everything worked the way it should. Got home and tried all other apps and it seems to have fixed the issue. Will update if this was a fix.

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    The same in my Iphone 4S, it seems a harware problem, crazy volume, I will go to the Genious Bar tomorrow.

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    Before you go to the Genius Bar, have a look in the following:


    Go into Settings/general/about, scroll right to the bottom, touch diagnostic & usage, then diagnostic & usage data. If there are any entries in there that are PANIC.PLIST, then your iPhone has a hardware issue and will need to be replaced.


    My first 4S would randomly shut down and then restart, and also it would randomly turn the volume up and down on its own (basically as if I was pressing the volume button).


    When I checked the diagnostic data on it, there were PANIC.PLIST in there. I made a genius bar appointment and the 4S was replaced with a new one.

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    Hi. I had the same issue, with my few months old iPhone 4s and I have solved it. Before you read it, I would like to mention, that I am a professional electronics engineer, and I do not encourage average user to open up electronics and furthermore try fixing it themselves. I decided to put this story out for informative use.


    ~~~~~~~~~ Story ~~~~~~~~~


    It is hardware issue. More HW than you might imagine - it's mechanical. the fix is easy, but will void the warranty, I bet. Still, I will tell you what I did, how and why.


    Firs of all - I came to conclusion that issue is mechanical by trying to pinpoint exact state of the device, when the glitch happens and it turned out that if I gently push any of the volume buttons in one direction (parallel to the surface of metal side frame of unit) - volume starts to go down. If i gently push any of them in other direction - it stops going down. This pretty much convinced me that issue is mechanical, so I did not waste time to do warranty circle-dancing and got screwdriver set from my drawer.


    What I found, after removing cover (two 000 size penta-star screws) and battery (two 000 star screws), was that button board on flexi-PCB can be removed by 3 more 000 star screws.  I removed it and gently flipped the button flexiPCB assembly around.


    Now - remember, that if you are about to do so - you should be very careful, not to mess the flexiPCB, that is glued to chassis under battery.


    What I found under the button assembly, is that button caps are welded to metal plate, and on other (internal) side of the plate, there is small "sliding spring" assembly welded to same plate. Those sliding springs are pushed agains the same flex-PCB button assembly right between the buttons and on both sides of the central screw hole.


    Now the issue is that those sliding springs slide directly on top of button "hot" traces, scraping off the isolation coating (and later on they would scrape through the cooper trace itself, i believe).


    Next - the button cap assembly is metal, and it goes through electrically grounded metal chassis of phone, when those springs touch the trace, they make an electrical connection. The button inputs of processor or whatever they go to, are pulled up by resistor. When you press the button, it shorts the input to ground, overriding the pull-up resistor, giving logic 0 on the CPU input, that is later inverted by software and interpreted as "volume button x pressed".


    Now, what happens, when those springs touch the trace, is just the same electrical action. It grounds the corresponding input through the button assembly - chassis - to the system ground, giving the CPU button press signal.


    ~~~~~~~~~~ Fix ~~~~~~~~~~


    Now, how to fix it? Take a look at that PCB with 5x or more magnifying glass, and you'll see a tiny spot, where the black coating is scratched thru and shiny metal is seen behind it. Just glue anything on there. I just took a robust and hard scotch tape, and made 2 little (about 2mm wide) stripes of it. Then I glued them in both places, where the sliding springs touch the button assembly. Why two, if there was only one button affected, only one spring got through the coating? because second one would do the same soon, and I don't wish to disassemble the otherwise nice gadget again.


    ~~~~~~~ Conclusion ~~~~~~~


    It's definitely a mechanical issue, further more it's a design flaw. Apple should probably recall the series and replace the button assemblies. If those traces ware just routed few millimeters away from where springs touch down on the surface - it would already solve the issue.


    If this helped anyone, be my guest and have a fun repairs.

    Apple - if I helped you with debug - a gift coupon would be appreciated, but not required though happy.gif

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    Reuben Feffer Level 2 Level 2 (195 points)

    I had this same problem with my iPhone 4S. The volume would sometimes increase if I simply touched the Volume Up button, or wiggled it from side to side. Sometimes it would behave as if it was stuck, with the volume slider on screen increasing, even though I wasn't actually touching my iPhone!


    I lived with it for a while, but I eventually decided I wanted it fixed. So I made an Genius Bar apppointment and took my iPhone 4S in. They took a very quick look at it, agreed with me that it was a hardware fault, and gave me a perfect replacement there and then.


    Problem solved.

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    Exactly the same situation. The volume on my 4S would randomly start to go up on its own, and there was nothing I could do about it. the first time it happened I was out jogging and the sudden increase in volume nearly made me trip over an old lady and her cats. I try to avoid that route now.


    I lived with the issue for over a month, mostly because I didn't want to go to the apple store and my schedule had been really busy, but it finally grew to the point where I couldn't even see what I was typing because the ringer volume was constantly displayed on the screen.


    I made an appointment at the Genius bar. The Genius took my phone and instructed me that there was a fix, and that he would bring the phone to a technician in the back of the store and it would take approximately 5 minutes to fix. I was ecstatic because this meant I wouldn't have to restore from my backup and this meant I wouldn't have to carry a stock iphone all day without my music library. 5 minutes later another Genius brought the phone back and told the guy who was assiting me: "it didn't fix it", so i was told I would be getting a replacement covered under my warranty. Under the details of the work order:


    Problem Description/Diagnosis

    Issue: Volume only goes up. Shim repair unsuccessful.
    Steps to reproduce: Use volume
    Proposed Resolution: Swap
    Cosmetic Condition: Normal wear
    Known Liquid Damage: No



    I now have a replacement 4S and I can control my volume


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    I had the same problem. I was on 5.0.1 as well and thought it was just a bug. So, I updated to 5.1.1 and the issue was still apparent. I went to the genius bar today and the Genius who was helping me, plugged my iPhone 4S into a laptop to check diagnostics, and found nothing wrong with the software, battery, or any water damage. She came to the conclusion that it was a hardware problem within a minute and said she was going to swap out my phone for a new one and that was that. She didn't take it to the back to open it up to try and fix the issue or anything. She just went behind the desk and grabed me a replacement, set up the new phone with me, made sure everything was running smoothly, and then I was on my merry way. This was all done under the factory warranty too.