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  • 90. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    Matthew Gillard Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    When you say the same font, does that mean the same weight as well? My standard message setup uses Helvetica 12 regular. I tried this by creating a new signature and making sure it was all in Helvetica 12. The only varyant was the occasional use of bold. The same old problem occured as soon as I used this new signature with copied text apearing above the line I pasted it in.

    If the workaround it to not use any fornt styling then it's pretty limited and we may as well go back to plain text as this would avoid the whole problem anyway.

  • 91. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    3mstrrktek7 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Bug Fixed ...... NOT!


    while I appreciate your attempt to "solve" this issue, your response does not seem to address the issue(s) implicit in this problem.

    Your "solution" ignores the supposed very purpose of the signature feature by essentailly not allowing different formatting; in other words, why have a signature (that allows all sorts of formatting) if you are going to just use all the same font as the message ......


    except perhaps for the ability to insert standard parts of an email. But you can do that with simple cut and paste from an email ......


    Oh! Oops ..... tried both your "solution" and then doing a cut and paste ...... SAME OLD PROBLEM!!


    Look, I don't mean to put you down for this attempt, but we're all I think just about at our wits end with this ridiculous problem that Apple so far does not seem to care about.


    Thanks anyway!

  • 92. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    pelt Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having the same sort of issue in Mac Mail and while I'm not certian the font formatting is the BUG FIX, I did find that when I selected all the content of the email and selected the same font, font weight and font size that I no longer had issues with cutting text from one place and then having the pasted text appear elsewhere. A previous post about WebKit seems to make sense, but is way more technically sophisticated than I can bear.


    I've tried the font reformatting without a signature selected from the message window. The issue I experience is (even though NONE is shown in the pulldown and the preferences are set to NONE -- i.e., no signature is preselected) that the message is behaving as if the entirety of the text *is a signature*. Therefore, when I select a signature, ALL the text changes to the chosen signature.


    I believe an earlier post stated that this happens once you try to edit a signature. That makes sense because I use signatures to expedite lenghthy responses. Therefore I might have several paragraphs and links whereby I only have to change a line or two rather than having to reinvent the wheel. That whole signature is where I've experienced the cut and paste jumping issue.


    If I open a new message and type into it, THEN select a signature...I don't have those issues with either the newly typed text or the signature text. (and at which point, the font formatting shouldn't be the issue).


    I hope this may be helpful in some way. KC

  • 93. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    gpreite Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Sorry Matthew and 3mstrrktek for misunderstanding but you can use different fonts as you want, creating a signature; all you have to do is to insert some blank rows on top of the signature using the same standard message font and weight. (see the picture in attachment).

    I fixed the issue in that way.



  • 94. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    Dr Oetker Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry but these sorts of work-arounds don't work for all scenarios as I don't always want 5 blank lines above my text.

  • 95. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    Dr Oetker Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    QUESTION has anyone tried a RE-INSTALL ? - if yes, did that solve the problems of cut and paste in the signatures?


    AND after you did software updates, did the problems stay away or recurr?


    I've gone to the a physical apple store and flagged up the problem (nobody there was aware of it) and the above is what they suggested.


    Before I go through that trouble I wonder if any of you guys already went down that route?

    Thank you.

  • 96. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    David Jenner2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Save your time Dr, I really doubt a reinstall will make any difference, however I would be interested if the problem occurs on a fresh mac in the Apple store. Did you ask them to test it at their end?


    I'm really not interested in any workarounds, I'm ****-bent on Apple addressing this head on. I've just sent another "Feedback" email, maybe everyone affected by this could cut and paste this and send call it in as well, surely attrition is the only way to win this war...


    "I notice there has not been a solution for the cut and paste bug in Mail and there is growing concern online that nobody is reading, or indeed caring, about this.


    Surely you are experiencing this as well, or maybe all the Apple tech team are all Outlook users?


    I realise that you might not be able to respond to me personally but you could at least release a public statement."

  • 97. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    sharae Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Folks - Further to my message on 1 Feb, Apple has not yet called to follow-up my Apple Care case on this issue. I've scheduled a further Express Lane call for this afternoon. I suggest that everyone on this forum who has a mac that is under warranty also lodge an official technical support issue.

  • 98. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    3mstrrktek7 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay, I bit further and did an experiment based on gpreite's potential "solution" and/or workaround. And, by the way, thanks for the clarification link.


    I did several test signatures - one identical to what I would normally do with formatting and such WITHOUT any spaces above it. Then I did another with about 5 blank lines per gpreite's description.


    Sorry, same thing occuring in both, no difference!


    I cut a couple of different lines and then pasted them elsewhere in the signature after placing the signature in a new email. Both versions, the pasting portion "jumped" either above or below to some place OTHER than where the cursor was placed, seemingly no ryhme nor reason for where it went (though there must be something in the background that we aren't seening that interacts with what is being done).


    I like the idea of pursuing further going to the "genius" bar at an apple store and demonstrating it to them and get them to FIX it!!!!!!!


    A reinstall seems to be the pat answer when they don't have a quick answer because first no one really wants to go to that extent; and, it takes a bit of time, not to mention having to go back and then reestablish everything the way it was on your computer!


    I wish I had the time to go, but my closest apple store is 45 miles away!

    I'm about to scheule an appointment anyway if Apple doesn't get on this!!!

  • 99. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    Mac-Apple Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My suggestion.... let's take it outside and send this thread to the press for review. I found a site with Macintosh magazines... and the list (with links to each) is at macintoshmagazines.com


    USA Mac Magazines

    • Mac Life (Formally MacAddict)
    • Mac Addict
    • MacDirectory
    • MacTech
    • MacWorld
    • MacHome
    • Inside Mac Games
    • Layers (Formally MacDesign)
    • MacTribe

    Japan Mac Magazines

    • Mac People
    • MacFan
    • MacJack

    Korea Mac Magazines

    • With MAC & DTP
    • MacMadang

    China Mac Magazines

    • Download 2.0
    • MacWorld China

    Germany Mac Magazines

    • MacWelt
    • MacUP

    UK Mac Magazines

    • MacWorld UK
    • MacFormat

    Netherlands Mac Magazines

    • MacFan

    Sweden Mac Magazines

    • MacWorld SE

    Spain Mac Magazines

    • MacWorld ES

    Russia Magazines

    • MacWorld Russia

    Italian Magazines

    • MacWorld Italy

      French Magazines

    • SVM Mac

    Australian Mac Magazines

    • Australian MacWorld
  • 100. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    sharae Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've had a follow-up conversation with a senior advisor at Apple Care. She has been able to replicate the cut/paste behavior on Lion and Snow Leopard when a signature is used - with inconsistent results (like most of us) - sometimes pasting works / sometimes it doesn't... I understand that the issue is being escalated to Apple Engineering as a medium priorty issue. Further info should be available in another 2-3 business days.


    I will post to this forum as I learn more.


    BTW - I like Mac-Apple's suggestion of notifying the press. It may take public pressure to get this fixed!

  • 101. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    Matthew Gillard Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    I believe there is mis-understanding by gpreite, and some others offering simple fixes, about when this problem occurs. I hope I am not off-target but am going by my own experience. The problem occurs because we are not using signatures as just signatures i.e. a sign-off at the bottom of the email that is static and never changed in situ.

    We are using signatures as email-stationery because this is MUCH quicker and more efficient thant using the stationery in later versions of Mail. The difference is that the signature is just a starting point and editing will always be needed within the signature text which is where the bug appears.

    This is, and has been, common practice with heavy email users on all email clients and so it's not really an answer to just say "well don't do it".

    Having said that, I believe users of this tequnique represent a small percentage of email users overall and this is why the problem is not widely known and presumably why it has not been on Apple's radar.

    For us it is a daily, incapacitating frustration but most Mail users will be oblivious since most probably never use signatures at all and most of those that do, will use them in the orthodox way.

  • 102. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    garethmcclay Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Matthew - sorry not clear what you mean.


    My set up is unified inBox with 3 accounts

    2 signatures allocated for use with 1 account only, in practice I only use 1 signature - this is text based with 3 different formats/sizes.


    I never edit this text, it is just my signature at the bottom of the email.


    I suffer a lot from the copy & paste issue - particularly in NOTES (where there is obviously no signature).


    Anyway, I have now removed the signatures to see if the problem goes away (as it is hard to reproduce, I'll wait for a few days to see - the longer it doesn't reappear the more certain I will be!).


    If this works, then for me, the work around will be to use a MACRO program to enter my "signature" on starting a new email. Not sure I can be bothered to wait months/years for Apple to fix this bug!!

  • 103. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    3mstrrktek7 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


         Well said!

         However, I have experienced the same thing (or similar at least) when using any stationary. Albeit, it is not a problem with the stationary itself.

         I find it hard to believe though that even the simplest users of the signature feature have not had problems because I have had problems indeed with even the simplest signatures.

         I think it may be perhaps an issue of people "too busy" to deal with it. As was I, initially, but signatures, as Apple has them with the ability to format, add photos, etc. is a GREAT feature that I use at least once every hour (which is a conservative estimate).


         Guess this means I get frustrated at least 8-9 times a day!!!!!!!

  • 104. Re: Apple Mail Cut & Paste Problem...
    3mstrrktek7 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)


         I almost fainted when I received notification of your latest input.

         You mean there is a real live person at Apple that experienced this as well!!!!!



         However ....... "medium priority"!??


         Oh well, apparently us beggars can't be choosers.

         I'd be happy to provide them with all kinds of examples of things that happen.


         Let's all hope and pray that indeed one of Apples "genius' " gets this!


         By the, sharae, Thanks VERY MUCH for your efforts in this. It really is for ALL of us.

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