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I am trying to perform a very trivial function of burning JPEGS on my DVD.  I've done it tons of times with minimal issues.

However, recently, I have noticed a consistent issue in the burn folder:


When I try to place JPEGS from a master/original folder to a burn folder on my desktop, I notice that most all files will correctly be "alias" files (as expected).  However, there are a few (one or two) that will show up as JPEG files.  That JPEG file size is smaller than the original, which leads me to believe that it is having trouble making it an alias file.  When I click on that JPEG file in the burn folder, I get the following error "the file 'xyz.jpg' could not be opened.  It may be damaged or use a file format that preview doesn't recognize."  However, when I open that file from the origina source, it opens fine.


When I "get info" properties, I notice that in the general file information section, it does not show the original source location (as it does when looking at the alias "get info" properties.)


So what I have to do at this point is delete the false JPEG file image in the burn folder, and individually replace that with the file from the original source.  At that point, it makes it an alias file.


Although I found a work around to get files burned, I want to fix this so this does not happen when I am placing large amounts of files in burn folder.  As it is, I can no longer trust the burn folder and have to inspect it before I burn to make sure all files are alias files. 


Anybody experience this and have a way to fix this in the system?


Many of you probably are experiencing this, but if you are not checking your burn folder, it will just look like a corrupt file on your CD/DVD.


Thanks for your help.



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    When you drag a file/folder to a Burn Folder, an alias is added to the Burn Folder not the actual file you are dragging. Notice the little arrow in the icon of the file/folders you dragged in.  In Leopard, there is another method to burn things to disk. Simply select the folder (any folder) you want to burn and select File Menu->Burn XXX to Disc. Then fallow the instructions in the dialog(s) that appear. Good luck.

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    If I may ask: are your images stored in iPhoto? Why are you not using that app to burn? Using the Finder to burn is good for data files, but I would trust either iPhoto or another burn (encoding) software such as Roxio Toast far more for photos (slideshows and videos cannot be burned with Finder if you want to play the DVD in a DVD player). I've never experienced this anomaly; but then I usually use Toast or iDVD.


    As for your file corruption, have you tried repairing permissions? It could be an issue with that. (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility).


    @ Brb8910: FYI, the OP is using Snow Leopard according to their profile - not Leopard.

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    Also to Brb8910; Please read the OP's post before posting information he/she is obviously well aware of.

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    noondaywitch wrote:


    Also to Brb8910; Please read the OP's post before posting information he/she is obviously well aware of.

    Brb8910 simply copies/pastes other people's posts and info from the interent and tries to pass it off as his own.

    Note his post above is copied (word for word, even misspellings ) from petrock's post here, 4 years ago

    -> https://discussions.apple.com/thread/1395056?start=0&tstart=0

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    Hi all, thanks for your suggestions thus far.  Here is some additional information and initial answers to your comments.


    I am still having the issue.  Currently, what I do is export full res files from my master RAWs using Aperture 3.  To do this, we create an export folder on desktop or any other specific storage location.  We then use the burn folders as a simple method to create an immediate backup DVD of the JPEGS.  As described above I am using the drag and drop technique currently to move images into the burn folder, as we have a few different labeled burn folders in our workflow. 


    I am not using iPhoto at all for this process, as all of my images are managed with Aperture 3.  However, since the files/exports coming out of A3 seem to be fine, I am not currently questioning the integrity of the export.


    I am going to try to use the burn folder technique from finder as BRB8910 suggests as an alternate method and report back on the outcome.


    But Here is a revised issue of the initial stated problem:


    I went back to my desktop to do some additional testing and tried a new condition...keeping the burn folder closed down.

    On my desktop, I created a new burn folder called "burn tester 2".  I left it unopened and dragged the same master images from the same master folder directly into the folder collapsed down.  ANd guess what?  All the alias images seem to appear in the "Burn Tester 2" burn folder fine.


    NOW, here is the newly discovered issue.  I removed the alias files in the "Burn Tester 2" Burn folder.  For my next test, I opened the empty burn folder.  So know I have an empty open burn folder window.  I then opened my master folder and highlighted all the master JPEG images and dragged them into the same "Burn Tester 2
    burn folder that is now open.  Guess what?  The issue remains.  I will get some files that copy in as corrupt JPEG files along with mostly Alias files. 


    I deleted the burn tester 2 burn folder all together, and recreated a third virgin burn folder and this time opened first.  when I dragged images to the freshly created and open burn foldder 3, I get the same issue.  When I delete the burn folder contents and collapse (close) the burn folder window, I then drag images to that burn folder 3 directly on the desktop (while closed), and then all the Alias files seem to drag in fine, with no JPEGs.


    So it appears after my testing, I discovered that this issue only happens when I copy into a burn folder that is an open window.


    I am just really confused as to why this is happening.


    Hope this provides additional insight.  BTW:  Yes, I did reboot my system prior to retesting and I am using MAC OS 10.6.8 MacPro Quad Core with 8 GB RAM.



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    As an additional thought - since you've now mentioned that you are using RAW files - there is a compatibility list available which cameras Aperture is capable of processing RAW images from; since Apple is so specific about RAW files and updates that list with Software Update quite often, I wonder if Finder is not capable of handling RAW images properly?






    I use Aperture to tweak photos only and never use iPhoto myself, but I believe that the Aperture library is integrated into the iPhoto library. That's a bit beyond me, but you might want to check into that. In that case, you could burn directly from iPhoto even though your images are in the Aperture library.

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    Interesting. I don't have the exact same problerm - but something has happened that is extremely similar.


    I simply right click my folder of JPGs and say Burn to Disk in the Finder. Always works fine. However, a wedding client has just reported that she only has 84 images on one disk, there should be around 400. And on another disk, one image is missing, the last one on the list.


    I've never come across this issue before, usually if a burn fails, it tells you. This is different. This is a burn successfully completing, but not burning all the files in the folder. That's just plain odd.


    I  hope I don't have to physically check all burns in future, as that will be a total pain.


    This is using OSX10.7.3 - burning a folder of JPGs onto disk, direct in the finder. Mac is latest iMac (i7) 27". JPGs are exports from Lightroom. Approx 8mb in size each.

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    Hi Paul,


    What I have done to solve the issue in the interim is rather than create a burn folder on the desktop, I have simply been creating a regular folder and dragging (copying) the content I want to burn to a standard folder.  I then right click and chose "burn wedding client to disk".  Once the burn is complete and succesful, I delete my folder so as to not take up space.


    Just like you, the reason I originally noticed this issue is because a wedding client of mine said that one of her files were not opening.  It was there on the DVD, but it did not open.  She kept getting an image corrupt or not available error.  So as a result, I and my assistant check every burned DVD/CD of images that goes out to our client to make sure that the images are all there and functioning.  I can no longer trust that my burns are always 100% accurate.


    The quickest way I found to do this is to open up Adobe Bridge and thumbnail preview all the DVD contents in the file screen.  Any file that does not show a thumbnail preview gets a test open.  Usually, they all show up since my new way of burning to DVD.  Another way to check is to do a file size sort check.  If you are burning mainly 1mb+ image file sizes, you will quickly notice any files that are 0K or 99K sizes.  Usually, when I see that, I know there was a problem in my burn too.


    I would much rather spend the extra 5 minutes to manually visually inspect the burned CD/DVD then to have a client comeback and find a misstake.  Lets keep our clients happy :-)


    Good luck in your workflow.