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I would like to increase my RAM on my Imac.Please tell me what type of RAM I need to max out the Imac Ram capacity.Do I need a pro Tach to install it or is it easy enough to do it ourselves? I have some improtant recording work going on in my Imac so by increasing the RAM will I risk the loss of data by any chance?

Here are some details on my Imac:

Hardware Overview:


  Model Name:          iMac

  Model Identifier:          iMac11,2

  Processor Name:          Intel Core i3

  Processor Speed:          3.06 GHz

  Number Of Processors:          1

  Total Number Of Cores:          2

  L2 Cache (per core):          256 KB

  L3 Cache:          4 MB

  Memory:          4 GB

  Processor Interconnect Speed:          5.86 GT/s

  Boot ROM Version:          IM112.0057.B00

  SMC Version (system):          1.64f5

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    This page shows the correct RAM for your model and, if you scroll down, there is a link to videos that show this is an easy do-it-yourself job.




    You have four RAM slots. Likely two are occupied by the 4G of factory RAM (two 2G modules). If you add two more 2GB modules in the empty slot,, you'll have a total of 8G. You'll note you can add a lot more.


    Data is stored on your hard drive, not the RAM modules. When you turn the computer off, all the data held in RAM is written to the hard drive so you will not risk data loss in upgrading your RAM as you won;t be touching the hard drive.

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    This should be your model:


    http://www.everymac.com/systems/apple/imac/stats/imac-core-i3-3.06-21-inch-alumi num-mid-2010-specs.html


    You can go to 16 GB; mine is the same model (except that it's a 27") and I chose to go to a total of 12 GB - added 2 x 4 GB from OWC (the vendor suggested above). I'd suggest going with adding 2 x 4 GB because: if you want to go to a total of 16 GB at some point in the future, you only need to replace the two original sticks to get to the 16 GB. If you add 4 GB now, you'd have to replace all four at that time..... just a thought.

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    Thanks for the replies.With 2 x 2 GB Ram already there,will there be no problem adding a 2 x 4 GB,causing an imbalance since the other RAMs are only 2 GB? Just curious.Are there 8 GB RAM's available in the market? By adding a 3rd party Ram like OWC will it affect my 3 year warranty on the Mac?

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    No effect on the warranty and, as long as you keep the original sticks where they are (matched horizontally) and add the other two horizontally, absolutely no problems. As I said, it is the exact configuration I have.


    So, if you add 2 x 4 GB, you'll have:


    2 x 2 GB (orig)  plus

    2 x 4 GB (new) for a total of 12 GB


    Later - if desired - take out the original 2 x 2 and replace with 2 x 4 for a total of 16 GB.


    As you can see here:




    2 x 4 GB is $46.88 and 1 x 8 GB (same total GB) is $125.99:


    Screen Shot 2012-02-13 at 6.21.34 PM.png


    I'd stick with 2 x 4 GB - the 8 GB sticks are very expensive.