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    For now I disabled ALL iCloud-Services as Safari got crashing as before. Now iPad is fast again and Safari more stable although big sites get it struggle. As I said before: in my view iPad 1 gets at its borders with 256MB RAM when it comes to iCloud. Even without iCloud 256MB RAM is by far too less for todays gadgets. In my view Apple made a fatal design decision by getting only 256 MB RAM into the original iPad. That's only twice the ammount of the original iPhone from 2007, thus for the iPad being launched in 2010. The iPad at this time has to deal with a higher resolution what causes huge graphics to load into the RAM. That's why my iPhone 3GS (2009) with 256MB RAM runs smooth with iOS 5 and enabled iCloud, where the iPad gets in trouble. What a mess when you get a new software but your'e only allowed to use the half of the new functions. There won't be a fix for that i guess...

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    I have loved my IPad up until now. It crashes when using Safari, Terra and Photon. I am sick of adding browsers just for the same thing to happen in each. Crashed over 5 times within minutes this morning. I have also tried everything listed as a fix with help. Apple, please address this problem more quickly. There are many of us that are loyal users of Apple products.

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    I looked at the unquoted Google search term - safari iPad crash - and there were 3.6 million hits.


    Glad I don't own stock.

    Clearly there's a problem with Safari and many iPads but that's a pretty ridiculous statement.  Let's see, what has Apple's stock done in the past three years...


    397% increase since Feb 2009

    145% increase since Feb 2010

    40% increase since Feb 2011


    And you're glad you don't own stock in that company?  I'm glad you're not my financial advisor.

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    Well, when you double hit in rapid succession the home button, it opens up all your open applications at the bottom.


    Read through these links to understand what your speaking of.  Those apps you see aren't "open".




    http://www.macworld.com/article/164616/2012/01/how_ios_multitasking_really_works .html




    http://whenwillapple.com/blog/2010/04/19/iphone-os-4-multitasking-explained-agai n/

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    While they may not be"open" they are using memory. You can download the app "monitor" and watch your memory fee up as you close the icons on the task bar. For example, when I read this post I double clicked to bring up my icons. I only had a low 20mb of free ram, and as I closed the apps the memory increased as follows: Maps  27mb, PCalc 33mb, Calander 37mb, Mail 60mb. So by just closing those few icons I tripled my free memory from 20 to 60 MB. It is kind of odd that with nothing running but Safari I only have 60mb free. The OS 5 "upgrade" certainly turned my iPad 2 into a piece of crap.


    If Steve were alive this would have been fixed a long time ago. He did not tolerate this kind of ineptitude and lack of service. Who would like to guess the number of consecutive crashes Steve would tolerated if he was was trying to post to a forum and could not type more than a sentence or two before his iPad crashed? This is not just an iPad 1 problem. The problem also affects iPad 2 units such as mine.


    I'm sure Apple will fix this but it has gone on way too long and tarnished Apple's reputation for excellent service.

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    PilotSmith wrote:


    While they may not be"open" they are using memory.

    The memory that the inactive Apps are using is classified as memory type "Inactive" which means that the memory is available to the system whenever it needs new memory for another application. If it uses the memory then that App will have to be reloaded if it is later accessed by the end-user. This happens all the time when one is using iOS.


    The advice to dismiss inactive Apps will not solve the problem of Safari crashes. It's just a waste of time.


    As you say, the Safari/Webkit problem needs to be fixed by Apple. Hopefully this will be addressed in the iOS 5.1 release.

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    First of all, sometimes applications open can affect ipad performance, I don't know why, but I have read from David Pogue (quoting an apple genius) that sometimes it does and reporting that it seemed to help battery life. (again, contrary to what we know about ipad multitasking.)


    That said, in this case, I think the ipad genius gave you mixed advice.


    I don't believe you can do a partial restore via icloud. I think the proper thing to do would have been to leave it at a factory state, and download your apps from the app store again.


    Btw, if he backed you up and restored you to the cloud, you are using icloud you just don't realize it.


    Limiting spotlight in the settings to only the things you need it to search is reasonable -- that's what helped iphone 3G performance.


    You should do a restore back to factory settings if all that doesn't work (disabling icloud, spotlight).


    But before that -- you say cnbc hangs. what do you mean? do you mean it stalls? because that isn't a crash. A crash is when Safari abruptly closes.


    I'm wondering if by leaving the old software on there, you recreated the same issue?

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    CNBC hangs all the time and sometimes crashes.  If I go back to e-mail and then back to the page on CNBC I was trying to load it often gets unstuck, but it's a royal pain to keep going back and forth.  I also occassionally get crashes when I am composing e-mail, so that might indicate it's not always Safari that is the problem.  When I describe a partial back-up from the cloud what the genius did was use it to save my contacts.  He put a fresh install of safari on it.  I brought over my Apps when I reconnected to my iTunes account.  I have no idea if they are the culprits but I don't use very many apps.  Just a handful (Zillow, Weatherbug, Print n Share).   I did not bring over any Safari settings (bookmarks etc.).  Yes I am on the cloud now but it doesn't seem to matter.  Same problem occurred before and after I used the cloud.  My plan now is to struggle along with my iPad 1 and hope that the iPad3 comes out soon so I can get a new one and donate this to somebody who likes to watch videos instead of going on the internet.

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    Sam Katz1 Level 2 Level 2 (190 points)

    Hey. I still think you should turn off icloud at least for the services you're not using. There are two people for whom this has solved their issue, and it was only discovered yesterday. Services in the background like synchronization do require memory usage.


    I have some other questions about your mail crashes. What accounts are you using? If gmail, are you using Exchange, IMAP, or POP?


    I'm using Exchange and that's what I recommend. www.google.com/sync


    There is a separate thread about mail crashing here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3394146?start=0&tstart=0


    But I really think that switching to Google Sync or Exchange will likely solve your problem. It's superior to IMAP and POP.

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    I almost gave up hope for using my iPad for now . But all is well . My browser crashed constantly . Did not matter which browser I used . I play 8realms and that taxes the ram a lot . I had to do a complete restore of my iPad and set up as new . Browser problem disappeared .


       Suddenly now my iPad battery is dieing fast . Oh how annoying . I had already had 5.0.1      All I did different was set up as new and erase everything . I noticed my iPad went to auto brightness even though I turned it off , so I reset all setting and brightness working right again . Went into settings and made sure everything was off . iCloud , notifications , everything . All I have added back so far is email accounts , weather .


       Works like a dream . Everything faster . No browser crashes anymore . And battery back to normal . This is all on iPad 1 . Sure it's annoying putting apps back on one at a time and important data back on . But well worth it to have everything working great .


        Good luck to all still having these problems . These have been mentioned before so, letting all know these steps worked for me as well in solving all issues .

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    After I've deleted the iCloud Account and iCloud was completely disabled, the iPad ran smooth again, nothing to complain. But I wouldn't live without these new features. It made me pondering why my iPhone 3GS runs well with iCloud enabled where the iPad runs in so big trouble. The difference in speed between iCloud enabled and disabled was so huge, it made me think of something abnormal was going on with the iCloud-Services. So I read other threads here within the Discussions regarding the troubles with iOS 5.x. Some users suggested to reset all settings without wiping data and documents. So I gave it a try. After this the iPad rebooted and the first settings assistant appeared again as it appears on new iPads. At this time I enabled iCloud instantly, not afterwards as I did before. One user suggested the following then: go to settings.app --> mail, contacts, calendar --> fetch new data --> advanced --> iCloud and there choosing manual, which makes iCloud syncing only when the corresponding app gets started. So I did. Again I limited spotlight to only show apps, music and contacts and enabled debug-console for safari.


    At this moment everything runs smooth as it ran with iCloud disabled. Very impressive.

    I definitely give you advice to give it a try. Good luck, may it will work for someone else.

    I hope the iPad will do so a long time...

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       Final update for me . I have everything all back on , calander, reminders , even iCloud , even have the browser games tabbed as I write this . Everything working perfectly . Now during the game everything slows to a crawl but then the iPad does it's thing and frees up ram to stay up and running , and it speeds back up .


        Ok I like my iPad once again .

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    Cannot seem to find a way to edit a post . Well spoke to soon . Got a notification from iCloud concerning my email , safari shut down . And over all noticed thing working slightly slower . Had to shut down iCloud . Then ran same test and tried to make it crash and it would not .

       Didn't have use for now for iCloud so off it stays . I want a way to put what I want in iCloud but only what I want . Like certain pictures and songs but not all of them . Then put them in which ever device of mine I want , or even select a few pics and send them to someone .

      Oh well anyway I have to keep iCloud off .

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    I think it depends on how much data/e-mail accounts/calendars/contacts etc. iCloud has to sync. I've only one POP-E-Mail Account, one Calendar and around 100 contacts in sync. If someone has more to sync, iCloud on iPad 1 would definitely get worse I think, what makes iCloud turning off the better solution. I'll keep an eye on my situation here...

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