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I'm having ongoing issues connecting to my new DSL modem router in work which is a Zyxel P660HW-T1.

on both wired and wireless connections the old IP data from a previous Belkin router is appearing in network settings of 2 laptops, one iMac and my iPhone4s.

The iMac and one Macbook are running on OSX10.7.3 and the other Macbook is running 10.6.8. Also connected to the network is a PC running XP which has no issues connecting through a wired connection.

I have flushed the cache on macbooks and iMac using the sudo killall -HUP mDNSResolver command, flushed the cache on the PC using ipconfig/flushdns in the cmd window and reset the iphone network settings. Needles to say I have turned the Zyxel router on and off and reset it also.


This seems to work for a short period of time but problems seem to creep in again after the macbooks and iphone are not connected to the network for a period of time (have to go home sometimes).


The only way to resolve the issue with any kind of consistancy is to configure the network settings with "DHCP with manual address"


Any advice on where the data is coming from and how to flush it out would be gratefully accepted.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Try doing this:



    **Please note, you have to reconfigure any static network settings after moving the below plist files


    Open a terminal.


    cd cd /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

    sudo mv com.apple.airport.preferences.plist com.apple.airport.preferences.plist.orig

    sudo mv com.apple.network.identification.plist com.apple.network.identification.plist.orig

    sudo mv preferences.plist preferences.plist.orig


    You have just preserved your old network system config files. Now go ahead and reboot the Mac (the Mac will recreate the needed plists) and see if the problem persists.


    If you want to restore your Mac to its original state, just copy (cp) the .orig to the same directory with sudo and remove the .orig extension.

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    Thanks DrVenture.

    Tried that and it seemed to work, but after switching on and off the wifi network a couple of times to test it the problematic IP address reappeared on the system.

    A systematic approach to turning everything off, restting the router and flushing the cache in each machine before reconnecting it to the network lead me to realise the connection to the XP PC was the causing the problem, but that is a topic for a different forum.

    Thanks for all the advice all the same.