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    First sorry for the spelling I am dislex.....


    Sounds the same can you provide the battery info from there "System Profiler" so we  can see if it is the same?


    1) If the battery still tacks a charge download and install battery update 2.1 then do a (I don't know the proper term so I'll explain what I did with my old style MacBook Pro 1.8Gh) reset.  This may be a bit over the top but I'v try lots of things as I have moved form the UK to Greece and "iSquare" the Greek alternative to Apple Store are not as helpfull as the UK ones.   So turn the laptop off. remove the magsafe from the computer and unplug it from the power outlet (there are parts in things like PowerSupplys that keep electric charge for some seconds) remove the battery, hold the power button for over 5 secounds, replace the magsafe and connect to power outlet, press and hold the powerbutton until you hear a long beep, let the mac boot shut down again, press the powerbutton and just!!! after the chime press and hold "alt+p+r" until it chimes again (I did this twice), let the laptop boot whate 5 mins then and only then put the battery back in. it may now start charging and continu to charge propley (Please let us know if this works I think it dose but my battery is to discharged to test this on)


    2) Tack both Laptops to an Apple store and thay should replace the battery if it is under Cycle Count 300 and not working within spefications.


    3a) My experince has shown: never againg will I or should anyone do a SnowLeopard Upgrade with a working/new battery in place.


    3b) If you have an old battery put that in before installing/upgrading SL then do battery update 2.1, only then put the new/working battery in.


    Please can someone in Apple let us know the updates from OSX 10.6.1 to 10.6.8 that afect the farmware in the battery? 

  • TopSteve Level 1 (65 points)

    It's not software it's seems to be a farmware problem. which happens with a update in the chanin of updates from 10.6.3 to 10.6.7


    Evey time this update change has been done battery behaver in my MacBook Pro has changes and I have needed to get a replacement.

  • TopSteve Level 1 (65 points)



    Error Battery Update 2.1 should be Battery Update 1.2

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    One thing I have noticed is that if I run down the battery and shut down, then charge it while the laptop is off, it will get over an 80% charge. If I run down the battery and let it charge in sleep mode, it will only get less than 60% charge and show "service battery". I only have 82 cycles, but I am not sure if I bought the battery from Apple or from another vendor, which is why I am not sure about taking it in to the Apple store.

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    They told me they wouldn't give me a new battery because for them it was my computer that was ruining them, and not the batteries that were defective. They said it could be my computer's mother board.

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    i am having the same problem with the batt and tried to boot in 64 bit but it wont work for me

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    I had the same problem, and solve doing a SMC + PVRAM reset. Now the "service battery" icon is gone. Tho, I don't have all my 5500maH yet. Does anyone know how to get this higher?

    Captura de Tela 2011-09-28 às 05.26.47.png

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    I had the same problem two weeks ago. I contacted apple service and told me that as my battery had more than one year, they could not replace it for free,  although my battery only had 208 cycles and they expect the battery to work for at least 300.

    I tried all the workarounds in the forum and finally I got the problem solved.

    What it worked for me was:

    -Calibrate battery

    -Reset PRAM

    -Reset SMC

    I performed the sequence two times and then, I did something slightly different.

    Before the last reset of the SMC, obviously I remove the battery that was fully charged (green led). Then I pushed the power button for 5 seconds but instead replace the battery and switch the MBP on, switched it on without battery. After the system finished its start up I put the battery and the warning had disappeared. I tried this before with the battery at 99% and it didn’t work. Seemed as if it was very important that the battery is full-charged for the system to recognize it as a healthy one.

    Hope it helps as your advices helped me.

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    The battery issue with Snow Leopard is a problem. I noticed after I installed Snow Leopard the Service Battery Icon came on and then I lost battery life. Today I noticed that my track pad was not responding and sure enough the battery has become swollen and will not fit anymore. I would like to inquire about the response from Apple. What should effected users do and will this be covered at all. I just made the change to 10.7.3


    MacBook Pro (4,1), Mac OS X (10.7.3), 2.5Ghz Dual Core / 6 GB

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    In your situation, it appears like your battery's condition was being reported correctly.  The operating system did not make your battery swell.  In fact, the software likely discerned the battery had become faulty, which obviously it is.

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    I just got my new MacBook pro yesturday. i acidentally left it charging all night by mistake (if that helps give a clue to helping me). I'm charging it now and it says "service battery". kinda nervous about it cause nothing is really wrong with it besides that. help!

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    Leaving a MacBook Pro "charging all night" is NOT a problem. It is OK to leav the computer plugged into the mains all the time.    As for the "service battery" that is a problem,  I assume its's "new" and not "second hand new"  If you live near an Apple store or authorised dealer tack it to them and they will check to MacBook Pro out and replace the battery.  If you don't live near an Apple store ring Apple explain you MacBook Pro is saying "Service Battery" and ask them to send a replacement battery. 


    Your battery is faulty and it is NOT the "......left it charging....." that's caused it.


    Hope this helps

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    Mine also showing the same Service Battery r d Battery profile and Coconut battery pics.

    Should i really need to replace the battery?Screen shot 2012-08-08 at 9.01.44 PM.png,My mac almost 2 year old

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    I have had the same problem with MacBook Pro after

    installing Snow leopard. Revert back to leopard no

    problems whatsoever. After reading the numerous

    posts and realizing that Apple are deaf to these complaints

    5 years and nothing from APPLE!!!


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    I've been getting the "service battery" notification since I upgraded to Mountain Lion about 2 weeks ago.

    I have a 3 years old MBP,  health 75% (it occasionally switches back to 77 or 78),  283 cycles.

    I bought a new charger but that didn't help. The strange thing is that if the charger is plugged in and according to the battery icon the battery should be charging and the number (actually a percentage in ML) next to the battery icon is either like only 97, 98 or 99 %, but clicking on it, to see the detailed information it says, the battery is fully charged..