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Hi everybody


I'm a mac-user for more than 15 years, and live in a mac-only environment - both home and at work. Therefore, I assume I know the system, its tons of benefits, and it's inherent limitations. Anyway, whenever I use iTunes, I really have to wonder why everything takes thaaaaat much time?


I can't think of an app that gives me as many spinning beachballs than iTunes does. At home I got a 2011 Macbook Pro, maxed out on RAM, and a 50/50 internet-connection (yes, thats 50mbps up and down), and with the lastest OS and iTunes. When I open iTunes, Genius starts to 'gather data about my library', during which it is pretty much unresponsive. After that, it sends this information to Apple, during which it stays unresponsive. Yes, I could deactivate Genius, but why do I have to? It shouldn't be impossible to implement this feature without laying down the entire machine.


Next thing is downloads – downloading apps or podcasts is excruciatingly slow. I can download several hundred mbs as good as instantanious in my browser or another app, but a 10mb app in iTunes takes halv a minute or more. What's up with that?


Next thing - syncing iPhone/iPad/iPod. Why does this take so long? It's a usb-datatransfer, and we're not talking several gigs here. Even worse is to sync via Wifi. It's a great idea, but pretty much useless in its current form. How can it be that iTunes list my iPad to be connected via wifi, yet even clicking on it results in a minute of spinning beachball and 'looking for the device'. How come it has to look for it for ages if it's already mounted? Again, a simple datatransfer via wifi can be done in a tenth of the time it takes to do so via iTunes.


Well. I'm a true Apple evangelist, and love my iDevices, but I just had to vent this. Am I really the only one to experience those issues? And, if I'm not, I have to ask you guys at Apple – do you think that iTunes in its current form is the best you as a company are able to produce? Would Steve have been satisfied with it?




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    Well said. Have you read the blogs, especially the Windows side? Apparently slow downloads are a huge problem. And they are NOT completely related to the DNS question, as I have AT&T for a provider and have worked through them on that.


    Hope Apple responds on this one--a half-hour newscast is taking me three hours to download. Makes no sense.


    Glad to not be the only one.


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    Hope Apple responds on this one

    I don't think I have seen Apple post a response to anything on the main forums in several years.  It isn't intended to be a place where you get support from Apple, or a place for them to get feedback (use web feedback links for that).  Even then it might at most be a request for you to e-mail a specific error report to them.  It is questionable if they even browse the forums.


    Yes, iTunes is slow.  It strikes me as kind of silly if my computer has 1500 MB of RAM why 3 of those can't be used to buffer a mp3 I am playing. Instead iTunes has to read the hard drive all the time.  Then too it seems to update the whole library file every time you click a button.  I'm running an older version of iTunes too (7.5) and you guys with all the bloated new versions doing Genius (and the discontinued Ping) have it even worse.


    If you want to speed up iTunes, keep playlists small and to a minimum.  Minimize smart playlists. Keep your whole library trim.  Consider making a separate library for video which you probably don't need to use at the same time as playing music.