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    ThatguyfromThatplace Level 3 Level 3 (750 points)

    As Meg St._Clair and a few others have stated, Bluetooth File Transfer is most likely not a function due too copyright laws, yes there are ways too circumvent that, but that's through methods Apple generally cannot control, if they have a way too prevent illegal conduct, they will, case in point; BT File Transfer.

    As for the 4S not working with certain devices or cars, a great step too try is checking if the protocol on the device has been fully updated too match compatibility with the 4S, generally this is the error that occurs when a new product can't connect too an older product.

    Well and truly there could be an issue with the iPhone, but before going too extremes and getting angry at Apple for a software bug, make 100% sure it's actually an issue with the iPhone. A few people here have found some good workarounds for the issue, this may just be because the iPhone isn't initially recognizing the pairing protocol, and needs a little help in doing so.

    If bluetooth genuinly won't connect, you've made sure firmware is up-to-date on the bluetooth device (car kit, headphones, speakers, etc.), made sure your iPhone is fully up-to-date, then call Apple tech definitely, they may, or may not know of the issue though, it really does depend on how many people actually tell them directly that the issue is happening, not just using discussion boards or forums found through google.


    If you like being able too transfer your files through Bluetooth, that's fine, nobody forces you too buy an iPhone (unless you have a gun against your head, in which case RUN!!!), go and buy an Android, recognize the trade from a secure device, too an open-source device, from virus free, too where Angry Birds could destroy your product. But don't come onto the forums too have a rant because Apple didn't implement a feature the way you wanted them too, first of all because this is not what the Discussion Board is for (Says so right in the Terms and Conditions you agree too when signing up), and secondly because you don't know the reasons behind it not being implemented the way it was.


    For those of you genuinly having the bluetooth issue on your phones, and being calm about it rather than forming an angry mob and treating Apple like Frankensteins Monster; I wish you guys luck on getting the issue resolved.




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    theJodster Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    When the Iphone 4s was released, I was very quick in taking up the new phone, and I love it. I have found however I have had a lot of difficulty in connecting to the hands free in my car which is a Toyota & my wife also has problems in her BMW. Today I bought a contour + camera which links to a phone via bluetooth, with a free app. Sounded great.I have spent the last five hours frustratingly trying to get it to work, and kept thinking it was something wrong with the camera. I was poring through forums trying to get to the bottom of the problem I was having in connecting my phone to the camera.


    Finally thinking about the problems I was having with my phone connecting to my car, I thought I wonder if my son's ipod will connect to the camera instead. Bingo, it connected in seconds, and it found my iphone. So the ipod can find the phone and the camera, but the iphone can not find the camera right beside it. I downloaded the app for my ipad 1, and it works fine.


    This does present an issue however, with so many devices working with bluetooth, why do i phones have the issue of not being able to connect, where our old phones worked fine, and our other older apple products work flawlessly. I would have thought the new phones would have worked as well or better. Must say I am very disappointed.


    I expect when I get pulled over by a police officer for talking in my car while driving, saying I have an iphone 4s that dropped out of connection, will not get me off the ticket.

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    Ashish Nagpal Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    guys just to update you. my plantronix bluetooth headset is working fine with my iphone4s. it was not the problem of iphone, actually i was not following the right procedure.

    I used to use my plantronix headset with my iphone3gs and when i moved to iphone4s, I didn't reset my headset. And as it is logical and due to security reasons also, one headset (the model I have) is supposed to work with only one device, so while it was paired up with my old iphone3gs, it could not be detected by my new iphone4s because headset doesn't allow it. So apple support suggested me to reset the headset and iphone network setting too. I did the same and now I can comfortably use my headset with iphone4s.


    Thanks to apple support team of India.

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    WJWClive Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just got a new 4s and it connected to my Land Rover no problem, but my Jabra stone was a different issue until I went to the Jabra website and follwed the pairing instructions!!

    It was previously paired to  my 4 and the Jabra just required resetting.


    Still struggling to get it to connect with my Cayman although I suspect that its again my fault not Porsche!


    Hope this helps?

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    jpw17 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The Bluetooth on the iPhone 4S is abyssmal.  It will not pair with anything I have (Motorola, Jawbone earsets, iPad, MacBook Pro, in-car systems (BMW, Buick), other iPhones, zip, nada, nil, nuttin'!  There is obviously an endemic problem with the iPhone 4S' implementation of BT.  My wife and I both have 4S phones and neither of us can connect to anything.  The BT screen just sits there and the Searching wheel goes round and round ad infinitum. 


    I took the phone to the Genius Bar and they were only successful in pairing the device with a Jawbone speaker system that they use to show everyone who comes in that it works.  I tried to pair five of the iPhone 4S devices on the iPhone 4S display table in the Apple Store with my Jawbone earpiece and not one of them would even come out of the Searching mode. The Apple "genius" rebooted the device, reset it, shook it, fondled it, spoke nice to it and even tried to stare it down.  Nothing he did worked and other than the specially rigged Jawbone speaker it would not connect to anything.  BTW, I know the Jawbone speaker was a rigged device because he asked another "genius" where he could find "the thing they got to work".  It took them ten minutes to locate it when there were ample supplies of that speaker in boxes on the shelves. 


    This is my first iPhone.  I find is disconcerting that Apple can't get something as simple as BT working on the 4 and 4S while it seems to work extremely well on the 3 and 3S (family members have these).


    I would appreciate any assistance folks could provide.

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    flibbertygibbet Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I like the fact that people are trying to justify the decision to not implement BT file sharing in iOS as a "security feature" or "it's to combat piracy". Yeah, right!


    Apple have for some peculiar reason decided to cripple BT in their devices, and to my mind it's a rubbish decision, as it just means that iPhone owners can not do things that owners of other devices consider trivial, such as sending a recently-taken photo from one phone to another. Or do Apple consider the quality of the photos taken by the iPhone to be so poor that no-one would even dream of trying to send a photo from the iPhone to another device?

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    susan from ma Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have a 2012 Hyundai Sonata. My iPhone 4S has paired with it fine for the last month and a half until yesterday when it stopped. I try to connect and can't. When I enter by password on the iPhone I get a message stating to either check that the password is correct (it is) or to make sure the Sonata is in range (I'm in the car!). The phone is also in a continious loop of searching for devices.


    On a possibly similar note, that same day at lunch I got a message on my phone stating SIM failure. I assumed it had to do with being in a brick building with no service, and besides the bluetooth thing, no other problems wtih the phone. I'll try disconnecting SIRI and location services like mentioned earlier in these posts to see if that corrects the problem.


    Any other thoughts?

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    Coyzan1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I would have understood if the BT protocol from the iPhone did not allow you to bluetooth to other devices outside of the Apple range (and even then, the possible resason of it being a security issue is questionable). But for me not to be able to wirelessly BT from my brand new iphone some pics I have taken to my brand new Macbook Pro? Thats just mindblowing. Would this then mean Apple intends on phasing out the Macbook Pro range? Or will the next OS be compatible with the iPhone? I think its a bad idea that stinks not to have a compatioble bluetooth range for all Apple products.

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    ThatguyfromThatplace Level 3 Level 3 (750 points)

    I don't know what they intend for future, we'll all find out when it happens.

    But as for Bluetooth not being able to go too other Apple Products, again, it's because of DRM protection and the like. Apple have the iTunes store, which they use too liscence music. They have too sign agreements and the likes with the record labels that host songs there, so of course, they're gonna be super strict on stopping music and the like from being shared.


    I get that it ***** for some to not be able too share things through bluetooth (honestly, haven't noticed or cared about it since I finished highschool), but companies do what they do so they can keep runnining things. If Apple allowed BT sharing, and then protected music started getting shared around, Apple would have too shut down the iTunes store, losing revenue for them, and the record labels, also meaning nobody would be able too download things from the store.


    Maybe in the future they'll let us share things through bluetooth, maybe if they can get a system running that will allow only certain things (like photos, or self-taken videos) too be shared, but they'd need the cooperation of the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interests Group) too modify the way Bluetooth works for this.


    If in future BT transfer is allowed, more power too those who use it in the right ways. If not, then we either sit with it, or can decide to go with an Android product.

    If we get it, then awesome, i can share things. If not, then cool, I still have a phone that I actually very much like

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    iMister Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    ..... and if everything has to go through itunes then apple gets to clip the ticket as it goes through  !!! Nice money making scam !!!

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    ThatguyfromThatplace Level 3 Level 3 (750 points)

    Not a scam really. Unless you consider paying for ANYTHING a scam. If you buy a CD from a Music Store, the price for the CD is generally about $20+. The album itself is worth usually only about $15. The shop adds and extra $5 odd onto it. Atleast $1 to contribute towards the shipping costs, and then $4 profit.

    It's not a scam. It's how profit works. Apple makes money through iTunes by getting a percentage of the sale, it makes sense, iTunes is a medium, with their own servers that they need too run, they need income revenue too run their systems.

    Heck, whatever company you work for probably makes money through selling a service at a higher cost than it takes too produce the service (be it man power, or actual products). Your wage is gained through the fact that companies do this. How happy would you be if they decided to sell services at the actual amount they paid too produce them? Your wage would drop from whatever it is, too practically zero so that the company can continue too run itself atleast slightly effectively.

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    Riquez Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    ThatguyfromThatplace wrote:


    If Apple allowed BT sharing, and then protected music started getting shared around, Apple would have too shut down the iTunes store

    But you can't share protected music ...because its protected.

    It doesnt matter if I send a protected iTunes file to someone else, they cant play it anyway.

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    MrDecker Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same problems. I just bought a new Kia Optima SX with Navigation. Phone paired fine but barely works. Many times will switch to the handset or just freeze up or just drop. I have paired and unpaired, but the same thing. Many times it does not connect automatically and then I have to manually connect? Even after manually connnecting and it says it is connected, the phone will ring and it will disconnect? After reading all these forums, I would have to think this an iphone 4s issue and not my cars system?

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    carbri01 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the lecture, but I thought this forum was about getting help for the very expensive devices we purchased?  Thanks, "that guy".     Oh and the March 9th, 2012 update did not fix Bluetooth issues.  

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    SeaGreen70 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue.  Bluetooth between my iPhone4S and my HP Probook worked fine, the first time.  Now neither device will find the other.  I disabled Siri and Location Services nothing.  Used various approaches, triple checked everything.  Nothing.


    Aside from all the hot temper the problem is one rightly expects a brand like Apple to provide a product that works.  It's obvious that it doesn't in this case.  I didn't buy it for it not to work.  And I so want to start talking about airtunes and my issues with the poxy troubled airport express (works 1 time in 3).



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