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Hi All


I currently have 2 ATV1s which are both linked to iTunes running on a Server (Windows 2008 R2) via Streaming rather than Syncing.  I have no issues with the connection until I enable the Fire Wall.


I have ebaled the following Ports TCP 123, 3689, 80, 443 and 53 with also UDP 5353.  All are set to bidirectional.  These were gleaned from the following support article http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2463.  I am also looking down the list of "Well known TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software", but as yet can see nothing obvious.


With these ports open the AppleTVs are seen by iTunes and they can also see the shared library.  This issue happens when I connect the AppleTV to the library, it starts to load the library and the drops the connection.  Occationally it does manage to load the "directory" but then will drop out after a few minutes.  When the ATV drops the connection on iTunes it is still showing as a Device. So it looks like the basic connectivity is in place, just missing a little part of the puzzle.


Without the FW in place everything works OK.


Is there any other PORT I need to enable?  I would not really like to run a server without a FW in place even though it is behind a NAT router.


Any help would be appreciated.




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    OK done a little more digging, set up a port monitor to look at connections.


    As well as the ports listed above iTunes also appear to talk on another couple of ranges, tcp 57345-57370 and tcp 57418-57445.  These are obviously dynamic ports and at the moment I have opened up the range tcp 57300-57500 and all apears well.


    I would like to narrow the port range if possible and I will keep people updated on my findings.


    At present though open tcp 57300-57500 appears to have resolved the issue.




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    Set port 3689 to UDP instead of TCP. This worked for a few people.