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I'm trying to play large files over AT&T 3G via iTunes Match on my iPhone 4S. I'm specifically referring to files which are continuous DJ mixes that can be over an hour long. Some/most were purchased from the iTunes Store.  When I try to play them, the Music tries to play, and then it skips over them and finds the next available track with a standard duration (about 5 minutes or less).


Other details:

  • I only have one Apple ID I use for purchases. Same one since the iTunes Store launched many years ago.
  • This happened on my old iPhone 4 as well. My current 4S was set up as a new phone, so it can't be a backup issue.
  • I do have "Use Cellular Data" set to "On" in my iPhone's iTunes Store settings
  • No problem on Wi-Fi
  • No problem playing these files from iTunes on my Macbook Pro when tethered with Hotspot (confirmed the files are from Match servers and not already downloaded on my computer)
    • I am using a non-jailbroken iPhone with the legitimate Hotspot subscription


I've searched and I don't see any documented limitation for this behavior.  While these tracks are long, they meet all requirements for iTunes Match.


Anyone out there have any ideas why these won't play?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1