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I have an ipod classic 160gb and it just freezes and resets itself on a regular basis. I have tried reinstalling itunes and restoring my ipod, all software is up to date yet problem still happens. Is this something I can sort out myself, or does it look like i need to send it back. Help!

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    Bilbo_cheshire Level 4 Level 4 (1,770 points)

    Is your iPod under warranty?

    What is the battery level?

    Hard Reset the  iPod  as below- this does not delete or erase any song or data.


    1. After charging till full charge, at least 2 hours (preferably 4 hours)
    2. Toggle the Hold switch, make sure you dont see the red mark when you do the  next step
    3. Reset the iPod -> Press Menu and Center button simultaneously for about 10 secs till the Apple Logo comes ON
    4. Then release the buttons
    5. Select your preferred language.


    Here is the Apple support Article on the 5Rs



    Good Luck!

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    One other idea: Have you created any complicated smart playlist. One time, I created a smart playlist that effectively was the union of two other playlists. This was so complicated, the iPod rebooted itself regularly. I got rid of the playlist and the problem went away.

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    I have EXACTLY the same problem. I have had my iPod Classic new for around 4 years. This problem first occured within a few weeks of using it and seemed to go away after updating the software. But it has been a continually recurring problem. Sometimes I can go months without a problem and then it will begin again and be a real pain in the rump for hours or days. Currently I am struggling with it for the last 4 days. Very frustrating.


    I have attempted the "Five R's" without success. I haven't added any new playlists for some time. I will try Bilbo_cheshire's suggestion again but do not hold much hope.


    Only other piece of information I can add is that, occasionally when the device freezes and needs to be reset before it will do anything, as I hold the centre and Menu buttons, there is an audible clicking sound that clicks once just before the Apple logo appears. Is this of any relevance, or normal? Does this all suggest a hard drive fault? You can bet your booty that if I took it to an Apple store (of which there are none in my home town of York, UK) the iPod would behave just fine and make me look like a complete doofus.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I epathise with your frustration Dudzi!

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    If the Hard Reset doesn't work, then you got to put the iPod into Diskmode


    This will erase your data in the iPod

    1. Start  iTunes on your computer and then connect the iPod to your computer.
    2. Select the iPod in the left pane, select "Restore" to restore it to its original blank state. Follow the prompts to continue. (this will update the firmware)
    3. When the Restore finished,  disconnect the iPod (unplug it from your USB cable).
    4. Do the menu stuff,your music should be zero or else the Restore and firware update is not done correctly.


    Connect back your iPod to iTunes and Sync your library

    Good Luck!

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    Hi, I have the same issue. My ipod restarts itself, after it has connected to the computer. Itunes is slow to pick up the ipod, and when it does, it cannot restore it. (error 1429). I have even tried doing a disk utility format which doesnt work.


    Yet there are songs on the ipod, that play perfectly fine whenever I want them to play. ie. if I gave you the ipod now, you wouldnt know there is an issue until you connect it to the computer!


    Any help is appreciated.

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    Please open a new post, your is not the same issue, error 1429.

    These are the solution for ipod which reset repeatedly when on standalone.

    Have a nice day!

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    I too am having this problem.  I tried the 5 R's and attempted to put it into disk mode.  All it does is constantly reset about every 60 seconds.

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    Hopefully you disconnect the iPod from the PC first, then do a Hard Reset, then put it into Disk Mode.

    After that, connect your iPod in Disk Mode to the PC.

    If iTunes comes up, Restore the iPod.


    Good Luck!

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    Still no luck.  I've tried everything on here multiple times.  At what point do I consider the product defective?

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    Actually, if it keep resetting even after you do the Hard Reset, and it doesn't help, it is defective, and you can bring it in to Apple Store for the Genius to have a look.


    In this forum, we just try to help if you missed out some steps, like forgetting to charge the battery, or converting songs/movies to iPod compatible format, or recover songs from iPod. Any Hardware malfunction, we suggest that you bring it to the Apple Genius.

    Have a nice day!