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After doing an install of MacKeeper,my Final Cut Pro Studio crashes when loading. I got our disks and re-installed Final Cut Studio Pro... it's still

freezes and then crashes when loading when it gets to visual effects- echo.  Any ideas on how to get my Final Cut open?

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    Uninstall MacKeeper. FCP crashing is the first of many problems you will experience if it is not removed. If you do research on MacKeeper, you will see it's bad news.

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    Thanks for the responses!  I wish I had known about MacKeeper. I tried to get tech support from zeobit for 24 hours and they have done nothing!  I've tried to get rid of Mackeeper everywhere in my computer. It's still crashing. So, I'll take my MacPro to the local Apple repair tomorrow and hope I can get it repaired soon. I'm losing money by the minute.

    ADVICE TO ALL: DON'T BUY MacKeeper!!!!!!! It's costing me a small fortune in lost time from not being able

    to open Final Cut.

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    Thanks for telling me. I wish I had known. It's turning out to be a very expensive and painful lesson.

    Still not resolved. Hope I can be running again soon.   Thanks again! 

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    Did you try the Uninstall Link posted above...

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    I strongly suggest you create a bootable clone of your startup drive when you have a stable OS/Application combo.




    If things go south after a software install or update, you can quickly return to a working state.


    If you've got a macpro, create the clone on an additional internal drive and you're back at work in 5 minutes.

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    Hey guys! I had exactly the same problem. Solution bellow. Cheers from Czech Republic


    You: Hi, I have installed Mackeeper 2012 and my very important program Final Cut Pro is not starting anymore.

    Nadia vstoupil na chatu

    Nadia: 1. Control click the Motion App and choose Show Package Contents from the contextual menu. 2. Go to the Frameworks/Ozone.framework/ folder. 3. Delete the file called "Ozone". 4. Go to the Frameworks/Ozone.framework/Versions/A/ folder. Pressing Alt and Command keys together than click and drag the file "Ozone" to the "Frameworks/Ozone.framework/" folder, creating an alias from the original Ozone file. 5. Open the Final Cut and I hope it works to you.
    You: Ill try, thanks.
    You: You are genius it worked! Thank you very much.
    Nadia: welcome


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    even if you get mackeeper working, antivirus software has always been problematic on all computer based edit systems, particularly for capturing and output, because antivirus software is constantly monitoring disk activity which adds to system overhead and disk read and write speeds.  If you feel the need for antivirus software, you should probably turn it off before launching fcp and turn it back on when you're done. 

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    Matttes, You're great. Thank you very much for your solution, it solved my problem.

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    What a load of crap.


    Anyone who has done any research knows that MacKeeper is a scam. It's basically malware.

    The things it claims to do can all be done by tools that are already included with your Mac such as Terminal and DiskUtility. The things that it doesn't claim to do, but still does, is hijack your Mac. It then claims that your Mac is infected with malware. Of course, that malware can be removed. For a price.


    Ozone is a critical component of the Motion app. You should not delete it under any circumstances.


    MacKeeper will then tell you how to repair Motion. For a price.


    MacKeeper hires spammers to come on Mac centric boards to promote their worthless product. The poster moh.mrf is one of them. Notice that this thread has not been posted in for months, then along they come with their first ever post, dig out this thread and are full of praise for this junk.


    Do not install MacKeeper. It will damage your computer.