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iMac 2011 - no wifi connection after sleep under Lion

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  • lorandreas Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    The new patch didn´t fix my "no wifi after sleep" problem.

    Waking using the power button works though.


    (iMac 27 mid 2011)

  • oliviazsun Calculating status...
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    Feb 28, 2012 10:52 AM (in response to AlexTk)

    >With the new update, the WiFi wakes up correctly, but the connection started to drop at

    > random times (without reconnecting) even when the computer is not asleep, and even at

    > the time of brousing.


    I had this problem for a while (probably since upgraded to Lion).  Mostly not too bad but a few times, including today, the wifi connection had been dropping constantly.  I kept the network  Network Diagnostics window open, the  status light flips green/red almost every few seconds at times.  I called Apple Support .. long story short, I got told the patch and applied.  It fixed the problem immediately.  it;s been more then 6 hours now, and no disconnect issue at all.  Fingers crossed ...


    BTW, there is another very long (99 pages) of thread on iMac wifi constantly dropping issue in case you guys are looking for more brainstorming..


    >Seriously guys/gals, take the time to call Apple and let them know your issues. It makes the engineers job >easier, and make THEM provide you with a temperorary fix until they sort it out. We pay a premium for these >products and this is simply unacceptable.


    Absolutely.  I called Apple Support 4 times tonight for this problem - each Engineer suggested something different.. until the 4th Engineer went "i have fix for you, there is a patch for this .. ".

  • OregonArtee Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
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    Feb 28, 2012 8:50 PM (in response to Tgara)

    Count me in on a successful fix with the software update.  Interestingly, AOL still "disconnects" when the computer goes to sleep, and upon awakening the "disconnected" window appears on the screen, but within 5 seconds AOL automatically reconnects and everything appears to be up and running as normal with no additional actions on my part.  No problems with the wireless mouse or keyboard as some others have had.  Guess I'll change the "check for software updates" preference to "daily".   

  • oliviazsun Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Bad news  - yesterday, after the software fix applied, the constant dropppijng wifi connection went away immediately.  it was all good until later in th night -I restarted my iMac (installing the new Message Account - erk), the problem came back.  checked this morning - still in constant dropping mode.


    Will need to call back to Apple Support ....

  • Mac-Clashy Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Seriously getting fed up now, my wife treat me to the 27" iMac at £1,699.  Had the WiFi dropping issue since new


    - whatever happened to the "it just works" slogan. 


    I'm finding that the Apple product is getting just as bad as every other 'tech product now


    • Music on iphone & ipad just stops playing (been doing this for months now)


    • iPad crashes too regularly when playing games or surfing the net - facebook app works terribly, then crashes.
    • iMac drops wifi (all the time)



    Again - whatever happened to the "it just works" slogan. 

  • yukselp Calculating status...

    Update didn't fix our iMac's problem also.

    Whenever I start it or wake it up, asks me to choose wi-fi connection and password.

  • Ranand Calculating status...

    Wifi patch failed once already. Back to pinging my router to keep alive. Worst situation is that tech support before would never acknowledge the problem. The ostrich apporach works but with this realiability it is questionable whether any new os is worth the risk. We already at the next release and they are bugs in the older version. Sounds like windoze.

  • jlrockjr Calculating status...

    talked to apply support about the wifi connection problems after sleep on iMacs. Apparently it is a problem with the bluetooth keyboard and mouse interferring w/ the wifi connection after waking up. If you wake up the computer by hitting the power button on the back then no wifi problems. They are aware of the problem and are still working on a fix (newest update didn't fix it) but in the meantime that has been working for me.

  • ivannamac Calculating status...

    Hey jlrockjr.


    I know this problem has been with or with out bluetooth accessories. I've had the same issues on my Mid 2011 iMac with an apple keyboard and mouse which are both USB.


    The only solution that has worked 100% is installing an Apple Extreme router with an Airport Express wired to my iMac.


    Anyone having this issue should call apple and ask for a solution.


    My iMac is used for work purposes and needs to be connected for file and web sharing at all times because I have oversea's clients. I was going to just buy a display that day at the Apple store, but decided to "treat" myself with an iMac instead. I didn't know I was treating myself to headaches.


    They were happy to provide me with both for free, you just have to ask for them to send you something that will fix the problem. This can be done with the AirPort Express however because of my type of router, they needed to also send me the AirPort Extreme router, as the Express does not bridge to Buffalo routers.


    The Extreme Router isn't as fast or strong as our Buffalo, but seems a more reliable. The Airport Express is a very cool little gadget to have. It's silly that it takes $300 of hardware to fix a software issue, but I didn't pay for it therefore I don't mind.


    Good luck! CALL APPLE. 


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  • thelogenator Calculating status...

    2011 21.5 iMac Lion. The wireless would not reconnect after sleep. I've resolved this on my machine with the iMac Wi-Fi Update v1.0  Unfortunately I think I made things worse by following one of many different solutions found on various discussion threads so I first had to reload Lion from the recovery partition.  I confirmed that the problem still existed after reloading OSX and then I applied the patch. Works like a charm now.  

  • Ranand Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Apple refused to assist even after we went through 16 steps of troubleshooting. The net result was Apple support requested assistance from me versus providing any solution. The tier 2 technician refused to provide any hardware stating the hardware you obtained is not a fix. How did you go about getting the hardware to resolve it? I tested a extreme and it did work but I did not have long enough to test it for sure since the wifi connectivity loss occurs after several wake cycles.

  • thelogenator Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Follow up. The wifi 1.0 patch fixed the sleep issue for me but now the wifi sometimes stops working even though it looks like it is connected.

  • ivannamac Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ranand (Warning! this is kinda long),


    I called and talked to a technican who told me he was aware of the issue. I told him we both know it was a software issue, but let's do what the engineers suggest as I'm sure he has to. (this included deleting my /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration folder completly and rebooting) We tried and nothing worked.


    I explained how my iMac has been a nightmare since I received it. I was assured it had Lion on it, and when I got it home, of course it had Snow Leopard. Not a huge deal, but 2 minutes of the sales persons time could have saved me 6 hours.


    I also kept repeating how I use this for work and it needs a constant connection or I will potentially lose clients who look at projects hosted on my Mac after hours, or overseas. I also informed him that though I've had my iMac since Mid-August, I have not one single Time Capsule backup because it will not hold a connection. Again reminded him of the potential for me to lose money because of their product. 


    Tech's can't upgrade you, or give you anything- you have to literally say: "I need Apple to provide me with a solution for this problem today, if you can't then I may I please speak with someone who can. My router has a line of sight to the iMac, and we both know this is a software issue. I am going to start losing clients, what am I suppose to keep telling them? 'Sorry, my Apple Computer doesn't work?' and hope your companies products don't continue to make me look unprofessional?' ". I said almost exactly that and it is 100% true.  


    Of course you then get transfered to the customer service department. After explaining that I've sold my old MacBook Pro, so using my old machine wasn't an option, I asked (again) what Apple was going to TODAY to provide me with a solution for this POS before they start pulling money and clients out of my pocket because their product doesn't do fundamantal functions all computers should. Basically I had to go through the entire story to the CSR which was fine, it just got me more upset.


    I initially asked for an upgrade to my Mac, but they we're not interested in something like that and I wasn't just fishing for free stuff. I was then transfered to ANOTHER (I suspect higher tier CSR) where again, retold what was happening because of their software issues. I was told they were sending me an Airport Express. I had been on the phone for almost an hour retelling this annoying story, so I just said "fine, if it will work, it will work." An hour later, that Customer Service rep called me back and told me after talking with an engineer, they let him know the AirPort express would not bridge to my current Buffalo router so they were also sending me an Apple Extreme Router. I received it the next day.


    Side note: this was the afternoon the patch came out to fix the problem. They seemed unaware of the update coming out, and really were set on sending me a solution.


    The AirPort Express is what would fix the issue, not your router. It looks like the old, larger square plugs, but has USB, Ethernet, and sound ports. You plug that into your wall and connect your iMac to it using the Ethernet and say goodbye to AirPort. Problem 100% solved. If you're going with this solution, make sure your router will be able to bridge the AirPort Express.


    Also: If a technicion told me "Any hardware obtained is not a fix" I would go bat **** on them. You ONLY need the fix because of their software issue. Not to mention it's a software issue with AirPort on a computer that is stationary. If anyone said that to me, I would retort: "Any computer that you sell me which can't maintain a connection when going to sleep isn't as advertised and I want to talk with someone above you, or 100% refund for this product with out paying the restocking fee." DEMAND a solution. Of course I was nice to the people I spoke with, and would get upset and then apologize for losing it because I know it's not "their" fault. Though apologetic, I was absolutely not getting off the phone with out a fix and continued to let this be known to everyone I spoke with. It also helps to keep asking: "Don't you think that's fair?" "I do have a point don't I?" if the person you are talking with doesn't agree with you, ask to talk to someone else (who hopefully does, if not, talk to someone else). 


    Good luck!


    Message was edited by: ivannamac because no cursing on the boards! oops!

  • ivannamac Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Also a couple more side notes:


    Having a newer machine helps, I'm sure. I purchased this last August a couple weeks after Lion came out. I originally went in to the store for a thunderbolt display and to check out the new Air's and Lion.


    The first tech asked if I wanted to downgrade. I was steadfast in letting them know this is not an option. When asked this twice, I replied something like: "Why do I pay a premium for Apple products again when your only solution is to downgrade my machine?" and "Sure, sure. You want me to downgrade to Vista or Windows 7?" One got a laugh, the other got the question to be dropped.


    After the tech admitted they were aware of the problem, I asked why wouldn't the sales person tell me this at the store and if Apple was now going to simply trick people into buying their products instead of being the best. Of course I know these are wide sweeping things to say, but there is an underlying point to be made.


    Be very reasonable, and very stubborn.

  • yukselp Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I fixed my problem by changing the wireless password authantication method.

    The wireless modem's security settings had been set to "WAP2 only" type

    authentication. Changed it to "WAP or WAP2" and now my brand new iMac

    can connect to the network after waking up.

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