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plugged my ipod into pc and it syncs and brings up my music but nothing happens when I try to access I-tunes store

iPod classic, Windows Vista
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    In addition, I tried to access I-tunes help and it says I cannot access because I am not connected to the internet.  I ran network connectivity diagnostic test and it comes up all tests passed - internet connection verified and connection to I-tunes store verified???  Any ideas?

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    Close your iTunes,

    Go to command Prompt -

    (Win 7/Vista) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES, right mouse click "Command Prompt", choose "Run as Administrator".

    (Win XP SP2 & above) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/Command Prompt

    In the "Command Prompt" screen, type in

    netsh winsock reset

    Hit "ENTER" key

    Restart your computer.

    If you do get a prompt after restart windows to remap LSP, just click NO.

    Now launch your iTunes and see if it is working now.


    If you are still having these type of problems after trying the winsock reset, refer to this article to identify which software in your system is inserting LSP:

    iTunes 10.5 for Windows: May see performance issues and blank iTunes Store


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    Thank you so much!  It worked - I wouldn't have figured that out on my own.

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    Wiclee your a genuis.


    I Googled a load of times and came up with blanks. I saw your advice above and thought I would try it, as I had tried everything else.


    Hey presto it worked. Cheers mate I hope you win the lottery lol