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every time i attempt to sync my ipod with itunes i get an  error message saying "itunes could not copy song "xxx" to the ipod because an unknown error occurred (-50) Does anyone have a solution? This is driving me absolutely insane

iPod classic, Windows 7
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    aw come on, someone has to know something!

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    I've started to get the same error.  At first it was just my iPhone, and I thought it was due to some sort of corruption in my Aperture library because Aperture has begun to run slow and crash lately.


    Today I purchased a new iPad and got the same Error (-50) when I attempted to sync. Oddly the device continued to sync even though it said that it could not be synced...

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    I had this error when trying to sync using iTunes.  The problem turned out to be a lack of space on my iPhone.  iTunes is set to sync my entire music library and my phone reached a point where there wasn't enough free space left to sync the recently added music.


    I deleted some videos I had recorded using the camera app, unplugged USB and reconnected, and then it synced no problem.

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    To be of any assistance,


    1. Which version of Windows are you running?
    2. Which version of iTunes are you using?
    3. What is your iPod firmware/software version as shown in the iTunes summary page?

    Error -50 occurs when iTunes tries to write data to your iPod, but was unsuscessful, due to unknown reason as the message say. Most likely cause the Window Registry for iTunes is corrupted, then the iTunes needs to be re-install. And your iPod firmware need to be updated.

    So try this, do a Hard Reset  as below

    1. After charging till full charge, at least 2 hours (preferably 4 hours)
    2. Toggle the Hold switch, make sure you dont see the red mark when you do the  next step
    3. Reset the iPod -> Press Menu and Center button simultaneously for about 10 secs till the Apple Logo comes ON
    4. Then release the buttons
    5. Select your preferred language.

    Here is the Apple support Article on the 5Rs



    Then Re-install your iTunes

    Put the iPod in Disk Mode



    Connect the iPod to a High Power USB 2.0 port at the back of your PC, and never use the USB Hub, or any USB port at the front of the PC.

    Disconnect all other USB devices, except the mouse and keyboard.

    Select the iPod in the Device pane of iTunes, and click Check for Updates

    If it says "Software is uptodate", Press Restore just the same, although this will erase your iPod.

    After Restore, Sync your iPod


    Good Luck!

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    man, i completely forgot about this thread, lol,  just got an email notice; i brought a new ipod way back in august, so i'm not having any problems anymore,  but thanks for the replies anyway.

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    No Problem, quite free today and  just clearing 3 days old posts.