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Keep getting connection error for many episodes BUT the first 4 downloaded just fine AND I've used two different networks to attempt the other downloads. Some error msgs are err=-50, err=8008 AND some say file is corrupt try again.


I am getting pissy and Apple is not responding >:(

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Close iTunes. Go to the folder that you have iTunes set to download the shows to. In that folder is a temporary folder named downloads. You need to delete this folder. It is only a temporary folder created as each file is downloaded. Delete the downloads folder, really it's ok. Open iTunes and go to the store menu and check for available downloads.

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    Thx I did do that last night. I just got a different ep to complete and am seeing if the latest will download.


    The problems are with

    • Cherokee Rose
    • Pretty Much Dead Already
    • Nebraska


    I am skipping the "Inside the Walking Dead" extra eps so maybe they are clogging the DL folder.

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    Hey I had the same exact problem as you. Have you been able to solve this. I am having trouble downloading 3 of the episodes too. If you find a solution please share it with me.

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    Sorry to say nothing worked and to this day I haven't seen those eps. I spit the dummy and got my money back for the whole season pass. What a joke, iTunes support had NO IDEA what to do and kept repeating the same troubleshooting advice that I had already got from forums and google searches, when I told them that had already been tried. JUNK. I will think twice about getting tv eps via iTunes next season - If there's an alternative I'm definitely going elsewhere.