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yes i did !


how ? i posted a rant about the ( lack of.. ) ease of access to the Apple Support Communities Forum. although profanity wasn't used, i was unpleasant enough to warrant it's removal & i admit it was all my fault !


nonetheless the problem subsists !! in a nutshell & w/ all the ''PCness'' i can muster :


each time i ( registered user, full profile, verified email account, etc.. ) get an email notification to a thread i subscribe here, i click the link & am taken to the thread but, if i want to reply/post on said thread i HAVE to click on ''sign in'', being then ''taken away'' from the thread i was interested in ?? contrary to every other  Forum i subscribe to - roughly a dozen & a half !?...


in time i've learned to keep Apple Mail open next to the Safari window, press cmd+w to close said Safari window & re-click the email link AFTER signing in & THEN i'm taken to where i should be to start with ....hum......is it me or this isn't exactly the fastest/easiest way to ?...


also, even though i never counted, if i come to the Forum 3 times during a day, i have to sign in 3 times & if i come 10 times i'll have to sign in 10 times

since the other Forums i use DON'T do this EVER ( i know....i'm spoiled ! ) is it legitimate to consider this as a ''shortcoming'' of this Forum ?

  regardless what one might call it, one thing it isn't is fast...


  since there are quite a few threads i'm interested in & follow ( not just the ones i start.. ) i imagine other users can see the potential for ''extreme irritation'' after this happens a couple of hundred times, right ? a bit like a dripping fawcet...

  yet, despite sending several feedbacks about this, the ''format'' survives !?  that fact alone leads me to conclude that :


1 - it's actually a conscious, deliberate choice ?


2 - someone messed up setting up the Forum & no one noticed ?


3 - it must be impossible to implement otherwise ? technically too complicated ?


or most likely the shortcoming is mine & i fail to realize this is actually how it should be - very possible, given how ''shallow'' my computing capacities are...






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    Apple uses Jive for the forum software. They had outgrown the capacity of two previous forum software packages, and are now here. As such, they can only deliver what Jive writes for them.


    As for your active threads. Don't follow the email links in, other than the first one. Once you're logged in, click on Your Stuff at the top, and then Discussions. Any threads you're in that have new content will be at the top in bold text. That's the easiet way to navigate back to active threads.

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    It is best to keep a window in Safari logged in. Then, when you click a link, it will already know you are in.

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    Hi Kurt


    & thanks for your input !


    did what you suggested & to some extent yes, it works but....it's still a far cry from what i'm used in other Forums which, in some cases at least, are bound to have as many if not more users than this one. & yet, each time i go to ''there'' i'm logged in, pure & simple...


    how do they do it ? placing a cookie perhaps ? i know that with some ( even if they are NOT forums, Amazon & eBay do come to mind.. ) i use Keychain Access : it's enough to press ''enter'' & i'm NOT taken away from whatever it is i'm viewing - you know what i mean ? but here even Keychain Access can't help me avoid being diverted somewhere else after pressing enter..


    maybe Apple just spoiled me over the years by delivering time & again products ( both hardware AND software.. ) which are ''no faffing about & straight to the point'' & the Forum by comparison suffers. but if others manage to make it happen ....





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    hi etresoft !


    yes, no doubt another valid ''workaround'' but again not REALLY a solution


    what aggravates me is NOT so much having to have Keychain Access filling up the sign in/login cases or even having to press the ''enter'' key to log-in but being diverted elsewhere UNLIKE so many others..





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    each time i go to ''there'' i'm logged in, pure & simple...how do they do it ?

    Good question. It's been brought up quite a few times. You're already logged in, go visit a couple of other sites, then come back here and you have to log in again, even though you never logged out or closed the browser.


    Stranger still, when it does that, you can go back in the browser history until you're back on a page where you were already logged in and you can continue on as if you're already logged in (which you of course are). It makes no sense that going forward anywhere on the web and then linking back here causes these forums to ask you to log in again.

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    nuno1959 wrote:


    what aggravates me is NOT so much having to have Keychain Access filling up the sign in/login cases or even having to press the ''enter'' key to log-in but being diverted elsewhere UNLIKE so many others..

    I understand your frustration. The problem is particularly bad on crash-happy mobile Safari. When it crashes and you restart, you lose the page you were on because you have log in again.


    The problem is that Apple Support Communities is, indeed, unlike so many others. For one thing, they have 4 million members. For another, everything is linked to your Apple ID. If someone hacks Joe Schmoe's discussion forum, they might get your e-mail address and password. Hopefully you haven't reused that password. If someone hacks Apple, they are buying new computers with your credit card. Any problems that have an Apple ID connection take a long time to get fixed. Apple Support Communities probably has no control over it. Once you get the Apple ID login, that is run by the Apple ID team. They probably say the user can just click the e-mail link again as a workaround. This level of caution is a good thing.

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    yes Kurt


    that is EXACTLY one of my ''beefs'' with it & in time it DOES drive me slightly nuts !...LOL...


    & Etresoft


    trust me, i DO understand AND value the need for a good level of security but again, i can't help compare to Amazon for example - where if you got hold of my login details you could do some SERIOUS harm to my bank account as well yet it doesn't happen :

       i log in to my Amazon account, i start shopping around ( bought myself a Wacom Cintiq 21UX a couple of years ago for example...that's a chunk of change ) meanwhile i might go to another website do something & upon returning to Amazon yes i DO have to re-log in but......I'M BROUGHT BACK EXACTLY TO THE SAME PAGE I WAS IN !!? now i have no idea how many registered menbers Amazon has but i bet they are many yet they manage to retain that level of security AND practicality...

    & that's what i want/expect  Sup.Comm. Forum to do too



    actually speaking of bank account, i access my bank accounts through the web, i log in & REGARDLESS of what i do - go back & forth within the bank's site, even go to another website, etc... - if i DON'T end my session ( if i don't log out.. ) i DO remain logged in.

    dangerous ? i guess, yes

    practical ? absolutely ! & if otherwise i wouldn't be bothered


    but then again isn't being liable & responsible for one's actions part of being an adult ?  i mean let's face it, isn't that the BEAUTY of adulthood ? or should we all be treated as blooming idiots, incapable of not throwing ourselves right in front of speeding buses or putting our feet into  aligator's mouthes ?


      i understand we live in a strange world were people DO the damnest things, forcing manufacturers/sellers/service providers to take all sorts of weird ''preventive measures'' to take legal cover thus avoiding becoming liable for their clients/users stupidity AND being sued left, right & center - ever bought an hair dryer only to realize the FIRST printed sentence in the user manual says something along the lines of  ''...NEVER use while in the water in the bathtub...'' or something to that effect ? you know what i'm saying ?


      personnaly i'm more for the ''let them fry'' school of thought : it WILL make the news fast & everybody else WILL learn NOT to do it in a jiffy....LOL....those who don't, well.... they will become eligible for a Darwin award - have you guys ever heard of these ?  check it out here : http://www.darwinawards.com/rules/


    & read the sentence under ''History & Rules'', that's the site's policy in a nutshell then browse through it a bit, those who thought they have seen it all WILL be faberglasted !....LOL....


      well, enough silliness already, after taking this long to write this text i'm pretty sure i will have to sign in again when i click on ''Add Reply'' - that will be my punishment for taking your time ranting on & on &....


      anyway, take care guys & thanks for discussing this with me - it has helped release the pressure....LOL...