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I have a pretty old Titanium Mac Book that runs OS 10.3.9.  It's a moderately slow machine, but still works-  and although I realize that it won't be able to stream video or anything, I figure it would work for email, and basic web browsing-  But I'm wondering if it's going to be compatible with any new products such as a USB wifi antenna - because the room where I want to use it won't alow for an ethernet connection- 


Also, will the old 10.3.9 OS allow me to connect wifi to the newer airport extreme base stations?


So before spending the $20 or so, I'd rather find out if anyone knows anything about this- 


Thanks so much-



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    There is no titanium MacBook (also, no MacBook runs OS X 10.3).  You would have to have a PowerPC machine (either an iBook or PowerBook).  For starters, I don't see any reason why your machine shouldn't be able to stream video.  With respect to compatibility with current products on the market, you would need to check the requirements of whatever device you're looking to purchase.  It's hard to find new hardware with driver support for the PowerPC machines. 


    With respect to a current AirPort Extreme base station, you might have some problems.  While you can use your machine with an AirPort Extreme base station, you won't actually be able to set the base station up with it.  You need 10.5.7.  Depending on which PowerBook/iBook you have, you may be able to update to 10.5.7 (Leopard).  Otherwise, you would need to set up the wireless base station with either a Mac that has the required OS installed on it or just about any PC (only Windows XP is needed so any PC in the past 10 years or so would work).


    The full requirements for a current AirPort Extreme basestation can be found here:



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    If it is an 867Mhz or 1Ghz machine (the last two variants in the Titanium enclosure released in 2002) you can put up to OS X 10.5.8 on it, but otherwise the best you can put is 10.4.11.  So as JoeyR mentions, the big issue may be finding a device wiith compatible firmware or drivers.  Plus you are restricted to only having USB 1.1 ports which may make it even harder to find a device that will work.


    All you can do is search for something and try it.


    P.S. I can also warn you (personal experience - I had 3 of the four models of TiBooks at one time or another, all but the very first one) that running Leopard on a 1Ghz TiBook, even max'd out with 512Mb RAM, was a sluggard at best.  10.4 runs alright (all things considered) so if you can find a device that will work with your current 10.3, or 10.4 I would not bother moving up to Leapord.