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    gyrhead wrote:


    MPSilva wrote:


    Is there a new way to have an bluetooth mouse to use on (iPad2)?...I need to have a mouse for RDP connections.

    You should use an app like LogMeIn Ignition if you want to use a virtual mouse on the iPad for remote connections.

    Does LogMeIn allow use of an external mouse?  Both LogMeIn and RDP provide a mouse cursor (virtual mouse) within the app since you're remote controling a mouse based computer.  But AFAIK, LogMeIn does not allow the use of a physical mouse on the iPad.  So if MPSilva is using RDP, LogMeIn is not going to be an advantage, at least not with regard to a mouse.  (IOW, with both, you still tap on screen to move the virtual mouse.)

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    PogoPossum Level 4 Level 4 (2,505 points)

    None of these remote apps allow you to use a physical mouse.


    The only way to use a physical mouse is by jailbreaking your machine, which can not be discussed on this forum.

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    I understand that the filosophy of pad/stales/tablets whatever you want to call it is to work with fingers.


    It's truth and I agreed that it fast and better in several ways.


    I mean, after I use a touch screen when I work in a non touch screen I start to put my fingers in the screen, because it's like a natural way to work.


    What I start to discuss is, it's a little bit dummy have a iPad just for fun (see photos, and web surf) and not use it for work. In Portugal an iPad costs around 600 euros not cheap.


    This means that you have to still have to computers, one for work and another to see +hotos when you don't want to see photos in your pc big screen.


    the future is to leave mouse, right text with you rmine and so on. But today, we still need to have a mouse. Can you imagine to work in excel without a mouse? It's possible I know, but not that fast.


    Even for IT point of view, if you want to provide support. There's several reasons to have a mouse.


    iPad and other PADs can be much more than a photo album. And for sure, they will adapt or they will disapear.


    I don't want to have to computers, one for work and another to play.


    This is way the cloud storage a remote processing as now a big "weight" in cmputers. We must do anything from anywhere in any web access equipament.


    Just to finish, at this moment without mouse I can't provide PADs to users in my company because without a mouse to use in RDP it's not that great.


    So, windows will continue to rule in business area.




    Sorry for my comments, but I'm sad about Apple not alowing a mouse in iPad at least for RDP.


    Best regards,


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    The iPad is not yet a full replacement for a computer, nor is it advertised to be. At the same time, it's much more than just for "fun" or as a "photo album." I use it quite often at work - it is not the replacement for my computer all day, as there are things where I need the mouse input, the big screen, the ability to view flash/java websites, the ability to multitask. At the same time, it's ease of use and portability makes it an excellent tool for my work. More and more tools, for business as well as home use, will come out that take advantage of the multi-touch input of the ipad. If it does not meet your needs, then so be it. The iPad does continue to evolve, like every piece of technology - I'm not sure why you think it doesn't and won't.

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    I find this most amusing.  If we want to be very old world and peocedural we could point out that the iPad is :Supposed to be" a content consumption device!.


    Noe correct me if I am wrom but the treason why a bunch of folks, myself included, went the apple path is that is has traditionally given you the freedom to achieve things, regardless of whether it is supposed to or not.   On many Apple products there are many equally valid methods of achioeving the same end, the beauty of the OS X OSI is that it gives you the freedom to do it your way, the way that is most intuitive to you.


    Of course IOS has a cursor, it is however hidden from us, because for many uses it is not necassary and could well be distracting.


    However Loads of people use the iPad in ways that were never envisaged when it was created (hence its brilliance).  Some of those uses would benefit tremendously from having a mouse or pad controlled cursor.   Yes many people do not need it, but then again many do......the issue is the freedom to choose.


    Here is another example.  iPad is not supposed to be pressure sensitive, it is just not that kind of product.  But a number of groups of people beg to differ, so now we have one or two commercial blus two fuly funded Kickstarter projects that have created styluses (Anathame to Steve J.) that communicate pressure information to an app or API via bluetooth.


    The whole point is freedom of choice tends to create greater utility thus increasing number of products sold........


    It is not supposed to sounds like a line from an early IBM RedBook.

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    Great reply racgordon,


    That's the question.


    Freedom and versability. We could use iPad for fun and work.


    I can easy attach a mouse in Galaxy. With that, I'm buying several Galaxy as a work tool.


    Besides that, at my home, I've got a NAS server. Well, once again, iPad doesn't work because it doesn't work with nothing not apple related.


    Try to see a movie that is no in MOV format.


    At the end, if the Apple philosofy don't change to work well with others, it will it be the end.


    Do things right, open iPad to magic mouse and to all kind of files.



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