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If I order the new Ipad online now, can I reveive the goods on 3/16?

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    No they ship it on 16th

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    If you Pre-order on the Apple store is says that it delivers on March 16th.  We'll see.  Wouldn't make sense to have it in the store on the 16th and not have pre-orders delivered on the 16th as well but we'll see.  My order is in!

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    The delivery date is supposed to be the 16th. Might vary in some cases, and for the iPhone 4S some people who ordered the first day had to wait for 1-2 weeks.

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    There was similar ambiguity when the iPhone 4S came out.  During the media event, Apple announced that the 4S could be pre-ordered on Oct. 7 for DELIVERY on Friday, Oct. 14.  I pre-ordered mine through Verizon within the first 5 minutes of the pre-order going live. The confirmation page indicated Oct. 14 as the DELIVERY date, whereas the email said the 14th was the SHIPPING date. Over the next several days, depending on where I checked status or which email update I received, the operative word was sometimes DELIVERY and other times SHIPPING.  Based on the forums, that seemed to be universal. So then people started calling the carriers for clarification, and wouldn’t you know; the answer varied depending on who they spoke with.  In the end, my 4S arrived in a brown panel truck at 10:00 AM on the 14th; just like Apple “promised”, and just like it was stated on my initial order confirmation.


    Barring any logistical glitches, I would bet money that the Lion’s share of early pre-orders will start dropping into all of those eager hot little hands with the sunrise next Friday.

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    It appears that for pre-orders that the delivery will be the 16th barring any logistics as indicated in what LitterMines said.  I live in SC and mine has already been shipped.  It's 3/12 today and it has been picked up in Nashville, TN for "future delivery" according to the tracking info.  I'm reading between the lines that it will be sitting in my local facility for a few days to be actually delivered on the 16th as promised.