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I have recorded over 110 songs on the IPad with Garageband. Lately GB started to react kind of leggy, which makes sense because GB was taking up the bulk of the memory on the IPad. Now you can export complete GB projects files and delete the original song, however if you do that, the exported versions of the files remain on the IPad. So I did the best clean I could come up with: I exported everything (.band) directories and made a clean install on the IPad of GB. Now here is where the sadness begins. It is not possible to import the xxx.band directories back into GB, so I'm not able to work on the IPad on the songs that I made on the IPad. I feel quite devastated. Anyone with a solution for this? (I run Itunes on my PC so a Mac solution is not a solution for me).

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, Garageband