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I have updated to iOS 5.1 OTA (Over The Air, not by connecting to iTunes and updating) on my iPhone 4S and the purple location services arrow is constantly on in the status bar when setting time zone and automatic update of date and time are turned on simultaneously. I had this problem prior to the update, but I understand that not everyone has this issue as my friend has these two settings on and doesn't have the problem. I have tried restoring and all that (obviously), but not restoring and setting up as new.


Somebody please help because it's an obvious fault in the system if nothing else. I have heard somebody else complain about this and the had a 32 GB 4S the same as me. I don't really see why memory should matter but my friend who doesn't have the problem has a 16GB 4S.


Also, I am not in an area that is between time zones when this is happening.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1, Windows 7, iPhone 4S 32GB