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Hi all,

I have been tracking my new ipad and it says now it is in Kentucky!! I am so excited to get it. Do you think there is a possiblilty of them shipping to me sooner? I doubt it, but just wanted to hear anyone's opinion.

I am a new iphone 4s user and never had an ipad, so I waited and saved and ordered the new ipad!! Cannot wait, hope its all worth it!

Thanks for any info.

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    Hi there,


    The iPad is released in the US on March 16th, and therefore all pre-ordered devices are timed to arrive on that date. You can't request shipping times I'm afraid in these circumstances.


    You can hope that there are some timing problems, and it arrives a day early, which has happened in the past, but unless you live close to the depot, there is virtually no chance of this happening.


    Sorry about that,