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ok so i have looked at other discussions and no one seems to be having the problem i am so here goes.


me and my girlfriend have iphones she is on IOS5 i am on IOS5.1 ( i doubt this is the issue) we have been imessaging for some time normally just fine but on ocasion she would not recieve the message some time for up to two hours. all of the time the message would send from my phone just fine and wouldn't deliver, once or twice it has said deliverd on my phone but she has not recieved it. i figured it was something wrong with her phone as she was the one with the problems.

this morning i tried to send a message to her and it just stayed in the sending screen before failing after 5 mins so i changed it to a txt it sent fine but now her icon has gone green ( asif the network dont think she is on IOS5) i was still thinking it was a problem with her phone so i send a message to my boss who also is on IOS5 and it did the same i went back to his contact it had gone green too.


i am compleatly confused

i have done a normal swtich off and on

i have turned imessage off then back on

i have turned flight mode on and off

my internet on the phone is working both through wifi and through my carrier

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1
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    ok so they are back to blue but still not sending

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    Same problem here. iMessage was fine until 5.1, but now stopped working on my and my wifes iPhone. I tried everything - and nothing worked to solve the problem. I tried it several times.


    It eventually worked again, when I did the following in exactly this order:


    1. Disable WiFi.

    2. Disable iMessage.

    3. Turn iPhone off and on again.

    4. Still on cellular network, enable iMessage.


    From that point on iMessage worked again, and after that even after re-enabling WiFi.

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    so i got mine working again i just did a restore from my pc. odd thing was it changed my network conection settings, this might of been the issue all along.

    im on vodafone with a pay as you go handset to conect to the net and send messages if the phone is on contract it is set to wap but the phone ships standard as




    i changed both the apn's to




    and its been fine since then. but shortly after that my home internet compleatly died what a day.

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    Same here, it will work intermittanly. I disable imessage, reboot and then switch it back on and it works eventually. But for some reason it then generates two threads! It worked perfectly before 5.1 update. I will be logging this with apple feedback.

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    I'm having the same issue and it's really getting irritating now. I've updated to iOS 5.1 and am on a contract with Vodafone. I tried your suggestions about the APN settings just for laughs and it didn't work and I have also tried m.bode's solution with no success. :/

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    Usually it's changing the APN to the correct settings which is the problem. iOS 5.1 could perhaps change your network settings automatically.

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    if you are on contract both of ur APN's should be wap.vodafone.co.uk that is the right one and the username and passwords should also be wap. and is ur proberlem intamitant or constant. my girlfriend found turning off her wifi helped as the internet was was a bad connection.

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    Yeah, I figured you changed your APN because as you stated it had been reset incorrectly and that with contract the APN should be wap. My phone APN is now back on wap for username and password. The problem has only come up this morning. I have been able to use imessage with local contacts but not internationally with my family. I did turn off the wifi and it hasn't helped. I've restarted the phone as well.

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    Actually, scratch that, I have now put it down to only one contact that iMessage is not wanting to connect with and they just happen to be overseas. It's strange because she sent me an iMessage this morning and I cannot reply back without it changing to text and then not going through.

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    slightly off topic but some what related. is ur signal the same now as it was before? when i have low signal my phone takes longer to send a message but recently its been worse about it. where as before 2 bars was fine now i need 3 to send a message and know i dont need to check it sent. that might be related

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    oh in that case she might have her phone off or on flight mode or no signal. i know that when i put my phone on flight mode any message that is sent is bounced back and then turned in to a txt.

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    I have noticed there can be lag in sent messages when there is a low signal but right now it doesn't seem to be making a difference as I am able to use iMessage with another international contact. The person it is not working with is online because we've defaulted to WhatsApp for the time being. She told me that she has also updated to iOS5.1 also so right now it's a bit mysterious but maybe it'll sort itself out.

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    Change the Date/Tie to automatic! and its done!

    hope you work it!

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