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Can you purchase 20+  apps on computer using apple configurator, but use only 10 with this group and use the rest on another computer running the configurator? I assume you would have to download again, but unclear if you can after using with config app.

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    Just to be safe, you may wish to purchase 10 apps on one machine running configurator and the remaining 10 on the other one and import a separate redemption code spreadsheet on each machine running configurator.

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    Problem is you only get the discount with 20+, if you split it into 2 purchases you don't get the discount.  That is real problem for us!!

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    You could try with one spreadsheet for a cheap (lets say .49) app and the reimporting the spreadsheet on the next configurator computer with the unused redeem codes.  Let us know if you try it and if it works.

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    Thanks, will try at some point.  Thhis could be a deal breaker for us and so will ahve to think about it.

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    If only I could spell!!

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    Personally, after reading about all the questions and issues as well as my own dabbling,  I am waiting for version 1.1 or higher before I spend a lot of time with Configurator.

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    Yes, there are two ways to do this.


    1) just download the same spreadsheet into Configurator on two different Macs. They can have the same Apple ID or different Apple IDs. As each one installs apps, it tries the redemption codes in the list and skips over ones that have already been used.


    2) Make a copy of the spreadsheet, open both in Numbers or Excel, and delete the first ten codes in one and the second ten codes in the other. Then import each into each copy of Configurator.


    Remember that you'll need to use one redemption code to buy the app in iTunes for each AppleID you use, on top of the codes you need for installing the apps on devices.

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    read in other posts that you have to actually buy n+1 (n being number of devices you want to add a $ app to) app licenses, the 1 being for iTunes, so that where we bought 90 for 3 carts of 3 we now need to buy 93, or here 22 for 20 split onto 2 groups.  Not doing this until this gets taken care of.  Would be adding to our cost.

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    Is there any trick to loading the spreadsheet on the second Mac?  Importing just spins without importing.

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    We used option 1, however the two MacBooks don't seem to share a common list from the app store. Is there a way to force an update. We have 4 remaining codes on one MacBook that we need to use on devices managed by the other MacBook.  Is it possible to move the configurator database to a shared directory to keep them synchronized?