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Hi guys,


So the whole story, as you all know, started after upgrading to iOS 5.0.1 !!!


The awaited iOS 5.1 has arrived with promisses to fix the battery issue, BUT, it didn't!!! It made my battery even worse!!


It doesn't hold a charge at all, If I charge it at night, by mid day the next day it hits the 20% easily!! and what I do usually, a couple of e-mails, facebook and twitter! nothing major like games or anything, maybe for like 10 mins at max! but even though! it used to handle all of that and a charge would hold for at least a full day and a half with me!


Am I the only one with that issue!! iOS 5.1 didn't do me well AT ALL!! what's the fix if there is any!!


Thank you so much guys...


Let me get your feedback about that


am using iPhone 4