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When iTunes starts up it is continually "accessing iTunes store" and never stops. There are two ways to sign in and I have tried them both: the sign in button in the top right hand corner and the "store" drop down menu.


Since my log in and password work on the internet, it seems reasonable that they would work with the iTunes software, but they don't.


I have uninstalled iTunes and Quicktime software and reinstalled iTunes by itself. Still has the same problem.


I am using Windows 7 as the OS.


The problem began when I was trying to upgrade the OS for my iPhone. That upgrade required that I upgrade iTunes. Since then, nothing has worked. I cannot go to the iTunes store and I cannot sync my iPhone. What a mess!


I have not yet tried uninstalling my iPhone and am not sure how to do that.


So I really have two problems: I cannot access iTunes store and I cannot sync my iPhone. Can anybody help me?

PC, Windows Vista