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Got a new iPad (3rd gen) on Friday and used iCloud backup/restore from my old iPad (1st gen). Everything went fine.


The problem I now have is... at night when I put my iPad on charge by my bedside table I always turn the iPad sound OFF. But ever since having my new iPad the incoming notifications still make a sound (even though I have turned the main sound off on my iPad!) So it keeps waking me up a lot LOL!


I'm so confused as to why the notifications sound is overriding my general iPad sound setting (never had this happening on my old iPad 1). If I turned the sound off at night, the notification sound would also be off.


I do not want to turn the sound off for the individual notifications completely as I really do want this on in the daytime (ie when I have the sound turned on/up on my iPad).


If it's at all relevant I have a new iPad 64 GB. My boyfriend has the exact same iPad and the same problem too.


How can I make sure that the notifications make NO sound when I have turned my iPad sound off please?


Thanks in advance for any help as its driving me mad... :)

iPad, iOS 5.1