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I am using Address Book 5.0.3, where I have been using LinkedIn's CardMunch to import contact details via my iPhone. However, I now end up with three distinct issues regarding duplicate entries:


1/ two people with the same name, e.g. John Smith, but I know they are two separate people and they work for different companies.


2/ After an import, I may have some duplicate entries, say Alan Walker, who has moved from company A to company B and I want to replace his old contact details with the new information.


3/ two duplicate entries the same name, say Brian Vickers, both of which refer to the same person who still works for the same company, but has new contact details or additional data, such as a mobile number that I did not have before.


4/ two duplicate entries that are identical. E.g. I imported the same card twice for some reason.


5/ multiple entries marked 'Cannot Read Name', where CardMunch had a problem, but I know they are different people and I have to edit these to manually enter the correct information.


Unfortunately the Address Book find duplicates function, whilst it works, does nothing useful. The only option I am presented with is 'Merge', which in all of the scenarios above apart from item 4 I do not want to do a merge function - I want to either 'Mark as NOT Duplicates' (item 1/), 'Replace Selected Fields' e.g. show me the two cards side by side and allow me to select which fields from which card are to be kept, replaced or removed and then implement the merge (item 2), "Add New Information' but allow me to select the label for that information before merging so that if someone has a new iPhone, but is still keeping their old mobile, I can select the field label correctly and then merge (item 3) or 'Edit Card' which allows me to open any identified duplicate and add in missing information that would mean that it is no longer a duplicate item.


Can anyone suggest a way of doing this, or can Apple's developers please add these features to the Address Book App as soon as possible?


Thanks, Russ Taylor

MacBook Pro 2.4GHx 15inch, Mac OS X (10.6.6)