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Under Lion my 2010 (HDD) Macbook Air has been intolerably slow. It could take 10 minutes to start a program. When connecting to a projector, it could likewise take 10 minutes for it to resize windows during which it was unresponsive. I have been about to hurl it in the trashcan because this computer was just such an impediment to my work. But now I found the solution: don't run Safari. I had long suspected 2G ram combined with a slow HDD was the culprit. I tried to minimize the number of programs open, but let Safari run permanently. But it turns out Safari uses enormeous amounts of memory, and it has a tendency to just grow and grow its memory grab. Now, I quit Safari when I want to run other programs, and after this the computer is merely slow, not intollerably so. It is annoying to always have to quit Safari, but at least it makes the computer useful.


Any better suggestions than always quitting Safari?