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Cannot download apps on any Apple device (2 iPhones, iPad, 2 iPod Touch).  Apps get stuck in waiting.  Have tried wifi at home, at the office, 3g.  Nothing works.  Have rebooted several times.  Nothing waiting to download either.  I was on the phone with support for 4 hours last night.  We rebooted the devices several times.  Signed in and out of the store.  Tried downloading to iTunes on PC and it works fine.  Everything has been working fine for 2 years and then all of a sudden last week is when apps started to get "stuck" in "waiting."  I can delete the waiting app after a few minutes but still cannot download apps.  We reset network settings with support last night.  That did not work.  Any suggestions?

iOS 5.1
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    I have the same kind of issue since last week. The downstream connection with the iTunes Store and Match is very weak for all my iOS devices and also for my AppleTV (AppleTV cannot connect to iTunes Store).

    I tried several things, like turning off iTunes Match, resetting network settings, remove all music, resync with iTunes, again remove all and restart iTunes Match, but nothing solves the issue. Right now again I'm waiting for downloading one simple music-file... waiting...


    Last week there was another issue with an iCloud-setting, which causes to send reminders on every new or changed event in calendar. This was a server-side setting, which was fixed last weekend.

    I have some feeling that Apple is performing maintenance- and/or update-activities, causing the performance dropping of iTunes Store and Match.


    Does anyone have some additional information to solve the problem?

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    I had the same problem when I got my new iPad Friday... I might have a fix, it seems my stuff started downloading properly after I went into itunes account settings and re-entered the credit card code. Even though restoring everything onto the new device, it still made me enter all of my email passwords and such, so maybe it requires the credit card code to be re-entered for security and to ensure it's really your account on your new device.


    Hope that helps!




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    Tap an app icon that says Waiting, and it should resume the download.


     Cheers, Tom

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    I'm going to go with be patient. I had the exact same problem after a iCloud restore to my new iPad. All my apps were stuck in waiting - or half way through a download. Clicking on the icons would sometimes help. Some apps downloaded right away, others kept getting stuck. I went to bed ... woke up in the morning and everything had sorted itself up and my apps were all there as they should.


    It seems that with all these people restoring from iCloud, the app download situation is a bit troublesome. I'm guessing your problems started when people started to get new iPads?


    Hope that helps.

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    The new iPad APP "WAITING" FIX


    Hey, I had the similar problem. I was stuck on waiting forever. MY FIX WAS SOOOOOOOOO SIMPLE. First of all, I forgot that I began downloading in iTunes prior to using the App Store. THAT WAS MY PROBLEM. It seems that the iTunes download was hindering my App Store download. Sooooooo I stopped the iTunes download and VOILÀ.



    Hope that helps

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    That was it!  Thanks.  My Itunes was puking on a podcast and that was messing everything up.  Thanks for sharing.  I went in, deleted the podcast download, and bang, the other items downloaded. 

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    how do I delete podcasts from my itunes

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    Great question. It sure wasn't from apple support. I had the podcast stuck on "waiting" for days.  When the problem came to a head, I went to the iTunes store where it was qued for dload. There, you swipe your finger from right to left on the pcast title box and that opens a delete window. Delete from there and you should be good.

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    Here is my solution!


    Connect your iphone to the computer,open iTunes (from your pc),log in and search for each of the waiting apps in the App Store.

    After downloading them,go to your device -> Apps.There you see all those otherwise waiting apps with a remove button.

    Click it,then the button turns into Will Remove.Then click Apply next to the usage diagram.Now,all the buttons are changed to Install.Click them and apply!