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Why is it, when I use iChat, most other users see my daughter's name instead of mine? I have been told in a previous thread that it may have something to do with our having been associated through our MobileMe family account. So, the other night I finally moved everyone to iCloud, which as I understand it, breaks up the family plan and makes everyone in the family an individual iCloud account holder.
No luck. I still appear to AIM users that are using third-party chat clients as my daughter's first and last name if a first and last name is shown.
The only people I am appearing properly to are people with iChat who have already included me in their buddy list.


Anybody have ideas on:

A) What is causing this?

B) How it can be corrected?



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    With @mac.com and MobileMe issued @me.com name you can also sign in here as can AIM names.

    Once you have signed it you get returned to this screen the top line welcomes you listing your Screen Name (Or Display name)


    In Manage Account you can set the Display Name.


    I have mine set to iChat Guru and when people don't have me in their Address Book and iChat this is what they see:-


    Display name


    This might be what is going on if a shared computer was logged in with one Screen Name that did not identify someone strongly enough.









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