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    I agree with you 100%. I've been using my 3rd generation iPad 64Gb 4G for about an hour now at full brightness and it has gotten a little bit warm and I mean a very little bit. However I must say that it is expected to with more power. First I'd like to note that I used up whatever power it came with out of the box. Drained it completely untill it shut itself off. I then charged it to 100% and that took about 8 hours to complete. When looking at the battery specs, in particular the 25wH in iPad 2 and 42.5wH in the new iPad, I can recall after buying the 1st gen iPad that it would not charge as quickly with an iPhone charger as I would with the supplied charger due to the amps that the chargers each pushed based on the need of the product that they shipped with. The iPad 1 and 2 come with chargers that output 1amp, which is more than the iPhone needed from its charger, therefore charging the iPads quicker. However since the new iPad battery holds almost twice the power it would take almost twice as long to charge at the same rate. Griffin happens to make a charger that outputs 10 watts/5volts @ 2.1 amps. This thing charged my iPad in a little under 5 hours. Similar to the iPad 1 and 2 the charge slows down a bit after it reaches 80% charge. This should help those having problems with the length of time it takes to charge the new ipad. Whith regards to the overheating, not only is some heating expected but there's also the fact that they make millions of these things and at times things can go wrong especially when you're doing as well as apple and there are some looking to sabotage a good product. Whether by human error or malicious intent things happen and this should be factored in before dropping the guillotine on Apple. As noted before warm and hot can mean something different to to each individua so that should be considered tool. Obviously there's a problem and Apple needs to address it. More power more heat. I too love my new power monster iPad gadget.


    @Jcvallecillo. I've got a 5 and 7 year old and the can't put this thing down. I took out all the games and left them on my 1st gen iPad and so now they can't put that one down. They really can't tell the difference, they just want to play. If you can swap it out at the apple store for a new one and put a case on that thing and hand it back to him and see how it goes. If he keeps complaining you might have to get him an iPad 1 or 2 to pay with. Good luck.


    Apple please get on this.

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    Return it. This is not Steve Jobs's iPad. I am sticking with the iPad 2.

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    I also have read every one of the heat posts and found the discussion both fascinating and helpful. My iPad was not warm but hot Saturday when it was one day old. I used the suggestions I read here and I called Apple Care.


    (For any newbies, its free for (I think) for 90 days with the new iPad purchase) The guy was so nice .. Said Apple would do whatever it takes to make me happy. He suggested setting it up as a new iPad instead of as a clone of my 2. He called me this morning to see how it was going .. I told him the heat is diminishing as each day of usage goes by. He told me to set it back up as a clone of my 2 and use the heck out of it to see how warm it gets.


    I just played an hour of a Netflix movie and read another 40 of these emails and the back right now is only mildly warm. I am going to wear this thing out for the next few days and if I still have heat issues I am going to exchange it in hopes of getting one that has no issues.


    teach5, call Apple Care and tell them about your worries and keep using it to evaluate your own comfort level. Heat is a very personal and subjective thing. Its a big deal to me because I live in Florida and we dread ANYTHING that heats up!


    By the way, reading a book with this screen is addictive. Has anyone put it side by side with a 2 and compared? Wow.

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    In my case my new iPad it was running WARM, i did reduce the brightness a bit, at first the charging was long, but today, things are cooler, full charge in 3-4 hours - all is happy.


    I'd like to point out one important FACT.  People, these screens are miniture LCD's in your hands. ALL of my PLASMAS and LCDS at home GET HOT, WARM.  Why would ANY of us think otherwise with something like a iPad that's fully incased with no real way to cool down when the processor heats up. It's the first of it's kind.


    There is NO COMPANY on earth "attempting" to test, build, and distribute a device such as this in QUANTITY while trying to oversee quality.


    Man, we all have gotten so greedy and expect so much from Apple yet we give ATT, Verizon, Directv, Dish, Sprint, and really ANY other company but Apple a pass on sheer thievery, collusion, horrendous service, and cutthroat pricing and more.. Get real people.


    Apple replaced my iPad 2 on 2/22/2012 because of some light leak on the screen.  Wasn't a deal breaker and my iPad 2 was nearly a year old but THEY REPLACED IT FREE and honestly I ended up selling it right after the new iPad keynote for $500.  That paid for my new iPad.  Ya, I'm more than a bit HUMBLED by this companies ability to stand for CUSTOMER SERVICE.  So stop complaining. Go elsewhere. Tell us how great your experiences are with the rest of corporate america. Right, you can't because it's a disaster, utter disaster.


    What are some of you expecting by company that produces AND distributes a brand new product into the wild INTERNATIONALLY by the MILLIONS of units and get's them into our hands in just over 96 hours and the expectation for ALL of them to be PERFECTLY manufactured, 100% of the time, c'mon. Get real.


    I think the complaining is so over ammped by whining spoiled brats that honestly could not claim that they could ditch Apple and get better service ANYWHERE than Apple.  Dell? HP? Google? Verizon? ATT? Sony?  Where?....Where?  Good luck. The failure of service is the real reason America is falling apart, but that's another post elsewhere.


    Perspective.  Are they perfect?  Clearly-- No.  Are you?  End of story.  I am totally content that Apple, as a company works their butts off to deliver ALL OF US, the best possible experience but, more times than not, it's it's vendors and others they "deal" with that drop the ball and fail at service.

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    GIJoe .. I agree with you. Apple has been improving the  quality of life for me and my family since 1983 when we got a IIe. They have done far more things right than wrong. Go ahead .. Call me a Fanboy .. Guilty as charged.

  • Kim Hill1 Level 2 (165 points)

    >>>> "In my case my new iPad it was running WARM, i did reduce the brightness a bit, at first the charging was long, but today, things are cooler, full charge in 3-4 hours - all is happy." <<<<


    I think that this is one of the most important points in the entire thread.


    If you're freaking out, read that quote again and try doing the same thing.


    My new iPad was sort of warm (not what I'd call hot) - my main concern was that it was taking forever to charge when in use – and I posted about that here a couple of times. Since then, I've turned down the brightness a bit- it had been set at or near maximum. For me at least, a modest reduction in brightness has had a big affect on warmth & charging time. Before, I could hardly get it to charge while in use. Now, it seems to charge in use almost the same as the iPad 2.


    I have to admit, I was freaking out a bit myself – thinking that I couldn't top off my battery while using the iPad. I feel a little silly now. It looks to me like the new iPad needs a disproportionate amount of power at the 100% brightness setting. At least in my experience, it doesn't need to be turned down much to save a lot of power.


    It's new hardware – only five days old for us. There are a few idiosyncrasies to learn about. The display is great- literally superior to anything else in the world. For me, the benefit of Retina is worth a small learning curve & usage adjustment. I was actually fairly worried for a couple of days there – but not anymore.

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    Hi folks,

    I am absolutely new to Apple having never owned an Apple product before. My two adult sons have ipad 1's and 2's and one of them is soon to buy an ipad 3 when he can (He lives in Prague and it is a problem to get hold of one there!)

    I have always wanted one and later today will be collecting a pre ordered Black 64GB wifi only ipad 3 from J Lewis in High Wycombe (UK)

    I was pointed in the direction of this forum by a friend who had heard of the allegations of the new ipad 3 overheating and have read every post with much interest and not a small amount of concern!

    Once I pick up my shiney new toy I will set it up as per the suggestion on page 19 of this thread and see what happens re the heat issue that some others seem to be having and will report my findings back on here. It will be set up from new with no cloning or migrating as I am new to this device.

    I am however, whilst concerned, getting the impression that this heat issue might well be a batch problem as it appears the issue isn't being experienced by all owners.

    If I end up with a problem I am assured from some of the posts on here that Apple will stand by me as a customer and swap or refund as appropriate so I fully intend to go ahead with my purchase later today and hope for the best! And as said I will after a few days post my experience back on here.

    I can't wait to get my hands on it to be honest!!

  • itsJKeith Level 1 (10 points)

    Congrats on the purchase of your first Apple product! Apple prides itself on its outstanding customer support, and in most cases you will find swapping your iPad for a hardware defect is a non-issue. If you are operating in an environment cooler than 95° F and experience the iPad constantly shutting down from overheating, call customer support at 1-800-MY-APPLE and they should be able to overnight a box for you to send your iPad in. With every new iPad you receive 90 days complimentary AppleCare phone support and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty which covers you against hardware defects from Apple.

  • shortcuts Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks' for that although the contact number you give is of little use to me. I live in the UK lol.

    Your reply is very much appreciated and gives me confidence in my purchase. I hope my experience is a good one.

  • itsJKeith Level 1 (10 points)

    Oops. Well, in that case you'd call 0844 209 0611, but regardless! I hope your experience is a good one as well!


    P.S. I'm typing from my 3rd generation iPad now! :)

  • shortcuts Level 1 (0 points)

    Cheers chap. Appreciated.

    I will reply on mine later hopefully!

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    Great bit of research Shortcuts, I am also in the uk and have experienced no issues at all with any of the Apple products I have purchased, including my new iPad 3rd gen, although I am safe in the mind that any problem will be rectified immediately to my full satisfaction.  Customer service is second to none!


    Good luck in your purchase today.  I hope you enjoy it :)

  • shortcuts Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow, liking this community already. Cheers guys

  • Parallex33 Level 1 (60 points)

    I think this is the difference you get with an apple purchase.  We all have the same product line thru generations and the same OS.  Very good when comparing advice.

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm italian, tomorrow is our day one for the new ipad and I really want to buy it (I've already got a lot of apple devices and love them), but reading this tread i'm getting a little bit worried.

    Question for people having problems: could you please pubblish your devices serial numbers? That may help to understand if there's a failed batch.

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