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I have Mainstage 2.1.3 which is the most recent update that the Software Updates has shown.  My version of Mainstage 2 came with the Logic Pro 9 that I purchased back when it first came out.  I see the App Store has Mainstage 2.2.


Is there a way to upgrade my version of Mainstage to the 2.2 version?

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    The v2.2 is a "paid update", available only through the AppStore.... you have to buy it.


    You may want to make sure that you have a backup copy of v2.1.3 as there are some bugs that might be a deal-breaker in 2.2.



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    Thanks I'll check it out and see what I think.  2.1.3 is working just fine for me right now and am having no problems with how I use it.


    Seems strange that the people who paid $500+ for Logic 9 that came with Mainstage 2 now have to buy it again if they want an update.  Oh well.


    Thanks again.


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    Because it is not just a bugfix version, it has a bunch of new features - and it is only $30 anyway.

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    Nice... It feels wonderful to have shelled out $500 buck to be able to use MS (I'm a ProTools user and no need for Logic) and now find it as a stand alone for $30 and logic for $200, well... I guess thats the way of the world