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I am trying to record audio into Logic through a electro acoustic guitar plugged into my Saffire 6 interface. Everytime I set up a new audio track and select the 'R' record button, a static noise plays through my monitors. It doesn't pick up any signal from the guitar i have plugged into my interface, all you can hear is the static.


When I increase the gain on the instrument channel on my interface, the noise stays at the same level. But when I increase the volume of the monitors or the volume of the mixer channel in Logic the noise gets louder. This makes me think that all the cables are fine but it is something to do with a setting in Logic.


I've read on some other forums that it might be to do with the buffer size - I've tried changing this but the problem seems to persist. I also read that it might have something to do with setting the midi clocks in the synchronization tab but there wasn't enough information explaining how to do this.


I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me out,


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    Not sure, but to me it seems very likely to be an electric hum. If you use a laptop, try to disconnect the power adaptor from the electric outlet. If the static sound disappears, then it's indeed the hum problem. You can often deal with the hum just by using the standard extension power cord with a plug that has a grounding rod (usually supplied with Mac laptops).

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    it sort of sounds like the battery in the acoustic is dead--except for the fact that the input gain doesn't affect the level of the static sound.