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What could cause this then?

Macbook decides its not going to start just sits at the apple logo with the spinny thing, been fine since I installed a petrol 3 sata 128gig drive a month ago.

Removing the battery and putting back it *could* get it to start

If the power supply cable is plugged in then it wont start.

Tried everything before eventually wiping the SSD clean and reinstalling a brand new copy of OSX.

Same issue.

Tried again this time making sure to set to one partition just incase that peskey recovery drive was there.

No dice.

Ran hardware test, no probs.

Did a PRAM and SMC reset, left the battery out for an hour.

Ran a disk programme over every sector of the SSD no problems.

Eventually I put in my old HD and the mac starts up first time every time. Put ssd back in, no dice.

Whats gone wrong? I want to take it back to the shop but its been a few weeks now, probably over a month, what will I tell them to get a replacement? It seems to work, I can install Lion onto it no issues from a USB stick, then when it restarts just sits there at the apple logo.