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Im planning to get the MBA soon. But IF I were to buy the MBP should I go with the new advanced faster 128GB SSD or trusted slower and cheaper 500GB or 700GB SATA? What are the differences? Worth the $$$ of upgrade? I'm fine as long as it runs smoothe (as in not waiting for google.com to load for 2 min.), and which one will LAST LONGER. Obviously if your gonna pay $1200~1300 you want it to last for at least 4 years... What do you guys think?


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         It really depends on how much space you need on the hard drive.  I picked the 500 GB drive because it gave me the room I needed and at 7200 rpm was fast enough for my needs.  I stream movies to my apple.tv and have no problems. 


         As far as how long any hard drive lasts is a guess.  I have a hard drive that was in my old MacBook that is around 6 years old and still running good.   I like the idea of the solid state drives but they just aren't big enough for me for the price.  I do a lot of LightRoom and Photoshop on my MBP so the room of the main drive is good for my use.



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    Whatever you decide buy the SSD after you get the Mac with whatever it comes as a standard drive. Apple want to much money for any add-on upgrades, RAM or hard drive. You can buy both for much less money and keep the originals that came with the system.