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So I got a bunch of free shows from the ITunes store, after they were dont downloading I synced my IPod. The show are not on my IPod! They show up on my ITunes screen but they won't got into my IPod. Songs go in just fine but my videos wont. I also just lost a bunch of shows that have been on my IPod for a while when I tried to figure out what was going on with it. I've tried just doing unwatched shows but it puts in shows that I have watched before. I've tried to get help from ITunes but it kept telling me I would have to pay to ask a question!!!! I'm getting really sick of ITUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Connect your Device to Computer. Select your iPod under "Devices" on the left Pane.

    On the right Pane, select MOVIES tab. Make sure SYNC MOVIES box is checked and individual movie(s) you want them on your iPod are also checked.  Then click the SYNC button on the lower right Window.


    If you have already done the above and still not able to Sync them over, your movie format may not be compatible to ipod.  On iTunes left Pane Select "Movies" under libraries, then on right highlight the movie and go to menu ADVANCED and select "Create iPod or iPhone Version".  This will create a compatible version.

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    I dont have any movies its just TV shows. The movie thing is synced but theres nothing under movies and no matter what i've dont the TV Shows wont sync with my IPod....

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    If they R TV-Shows, do they appear under TV-Show libraries?  If you don't find TV-Show library, go iTunes menu EDIT/PREFERENCES/under GENERAL tab, check the TV Shows from Source, then OK to display it under libraries.


    For SYNCING, then go to TV Show tab.