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I import a number of PNG files into Aperture, I like to use AP for it's image management capabilities rather than it's photo effects qualities, that's why I find it so useful. The thing is, with PNG files, is that they cannot contain any IPTC metadata and so I have kept this data seperately in a text file, but this takes a long time to copy & paste, so I would like to convert these text files into XML sidecar ones for importing.


Luckily my text files are heavily structured, not like XML, but contain three bits of data "Title", "Comments" and "URL". The corresponding IPTC fields are:


"Title" -> "photoshop:Headline"

"Comments" -> "dc:description"

"URL" -> "Iptc4xmpCore:SubjectCode"



You can see from the following XML file how it all looks: http://cl.ly/3O2n1S3x3X3A0g3V1Q18


While my TXT file looks like this: http://cl.ly/1e3x1a3U0O0c1H3l0H0B



Does anybody know of a way to migrate the TXT file date into XML?




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