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I'm experiencing an issue with Apple TV 2 working in conjunction with Apple's Remote App. When I select a TV show through the app to view on Apple TV, the Apple TV begins playing the first album in my music collection instead!? Strangely, Movies play perfectly. My TV shows are all correctly tagged.

When I use the Remote App in 'swipe' mode and select the TV show through the Apple TV's own menu system, the TV show can be played normally.

Also, I can't replicate the issue when using the Remote App to play TV shows directly on my Mac - it works perfectly every time.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    I'm having this same problem.  I use the iPad Remote app to select TV shows that are ripped and tagged in iTunes, and the wrong content plays when I select an episode.  I discovered today that this is also a problem viewing iTunesU content.  In the case of iTunesU, I assumed it was a sorting order issue in the app, but in the case of TV shows it is often the case that a completely different show than the one I selected -- one not in the list -- will start to play.


    I am running the current version of both iOS for Apple TV 2 (v4.4), and Remote.app for iPad (v2.2).

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    I'm also having this issue playing episodes using the remote app on the iPad. It's almost as if it's playing the episodes in random order. All my episodes are tagged and in the right order with correct episode numbers.



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    I have discussed the cause and work around to this problem in the below post:




    Simplest work around: copy the Episode Number into the Track Number, and Apple TV will play the correct episode. In short, Apple TV thinks TV shows are songs when controlled by the Remote App.