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iOS 5.0.1 - Made my iPhone 4S battery performance worse!

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  • Belloni Calculating status...

    It's on the same page 3 times Yaarab that's why.

  • yaarab Calculating status...

    You are one of them who don't read the forum. I had already said :

    '' I know that this is not an ideal situation given that we didn't buy the phone to turn off its features which defeats the very purpose for which it was bought in the first place. But until Apple comes up with a fix, this is what i am going to implement.''

    To adopt my solution is your prerogative and I am not in any way imposing anything on you. That's why we have these forums so that we can put forward each others viewsand discuss the issues. To accept or not is your choice.

  • Astronorick Calculating status...

    Some folks have procedures for how they have reset, etc. I don't think that stuff matters much, unless you had some corruption in the OS or some apps. Some folks have 'their favorite method', which also, your mileage may vary. Too many variables for any one approach to work. From icloud, location services and how many apps using it, sim card or no sim card, wifi on/off, bluetooth on/off, 3G on/off, push email, slight differences in battery conditions from phone to phone, number of calls, number of emails, number of texts - way too many variables for anyone to claim 'just do this, it will fix your woes'.


    The reality is, for the most part, it sounds like most folks are discovering, as I did, that it's primarily about 3G, and to a lesser degree WiFi, pulling hard on the battery. Unless you have a defect, the battery just doesn't drain itself, right ? Some folks believe it was their software that was upgraded that caused issue - could be ? We'll never know and Apple won't be telling us that either. Best hopes there are another upgrade if thats the case.


    For a start, everyone can start by closely monitoring how their phones behave in and out of good 3G areas, and also in using WiFi when in bad 3G areas. This was huge for me and others for performance, but again, your mileage may vary. And I'm with everyone in saying that I didn't buy this phone to be concerned about managin connections, but for now, it's what I have to deal with. It's not that bad - I just toggle WiFi on when I'm at home in my bad 3G area.

  • nbercasio Calculating status...

    Spamming the forum is imposing that your posts is THE solution while waiting for the official Apple solution! It is really annoying to get email notification from this forum and it is exactly the same content you have been posting again and again.

  • yaarab Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have found my solution (albeit temporarily) and am sorry to have imposed on you. So i'll exit these forum.


  • RogerSC Calculating status...

    Okay, things worked as I expected today.  Great battery usage with cellular data turned off, only using WiFi.  So the bug I'm seeing is that even though I'm not using 3G, it uses up my battery if the 3G signal strength is low enough.


    Good to know.  Hope that Apple figures it out and fixes this.

  • Fxtech Calculating status...

    I've been searching various other blogs and trying different things as per great suggestions. I recently found this possible aid in diminishing the battery drain problem. I've tried this myself and it seems to have help some. I don't profess to have the fix, just another in a long line of quick bandages while we wait for a possible solution from Apple.


    Instruction for IPhone 4s:


    Go to Settings

    Location Services ( if it is ON)

    scroll down to bottom to System Services

    Turn OFF Setting Time Zone


    Apparently reading other blogs the Setting Time Zone constantly ( and I use that word loosely)

    sends out a signal adjusting the time zone which substantially drains battery.


    After doing the steps above, I've seen the drain on my battery reduced.


    Again I don't profess to have the cure, only a possible semi solution to an ever growing basket

    full of bugs with the 4S.


    Hope this helps.

  • BryGuy2 Calculating status...

    I've been doing research on the location system services specifically the cell network search because 3G drains my battery like no other. People have said that everything works fine with all of these off.





    "Cell Network Search is a location based service that sends your location information, and the tower ids of the network towers within range of (and thus detected by) your phone.  It is used by Apple marketing (and whomever they choose to sell/share the database with) to determine patterns of cell useage, tower congestion and so on.


    Those features in System Services are all about sending your location based information TO Apple, not about enabling features or services on your iPhone.  This is Apple's way of allowing you to opt out of the collection of location based data that previously was done surriptiously without overtly letting you know or have any way to stop it.


    You can disable every single feature in that section and your iPhone or iPad will continue to function exactly the same way it always has.


    The only one that has anything to do with your use is the time zone feature, but you'd only actually need that one on IF you were outside of range of any cellular towers and wanted your time zone set by your GPS location.  If you turn it off, but leave the time&date setting on "automatic" then your time zone will be determined by the time signal received from the wireless towers your device connects to."





    "I don't have all the links handy, but I found the information on the web at several Mac and cell phone tech news sites.  Android and other phones also collect similar location based data and location based data is considered to worth billions of potential revenue for future marketing and targeted features (like traffic based navigation).


    Go ahead and disable the compass calibration - your compass will still calibrate just fine.  The traffic service sends location based information to Apple, and one rumored use of that data may be a future traffic based navigation service for the iPhone.


    These are the optional services that collect location based information from your iPhone and send it to Apple for their use.  This information used to be collected secretively, stored on you iPhone and periodically uploaded to Apple's servers.  After all the uproar about that in the past, these are now opt-out services.


    I disabled all of those settings in Location -> System Services the day I updated to iOS 5, and my iPhone and iPad have continued to work flawlessly, just as they did before.  My compass still calibrates when needed, my maps and other traffic apps still get their information, and the cell phone radio still instantly connects to available towers as I move around.  Traffic has nothing to do with using traffic based apps or services on your device and disabling it will not affect those apps or services one bit.


    Those services have nothing to do with any feature, app, or function on your device.  Your phone, nor any cell phone in history, needs a location based database to connect to cell towers.  The radio simply detects the towers in range and handshakes with them to establish connection, and hands off to the next nearest tower when you move out of range of the current one. 


    Google a bit and you'll find lots of technical information about the various uses and proposed uses for location based data being collected by Apple, Google, and other cell phone makers.  I'm not necessarily against the practice, and am glad that at least now Apple has at least made it transparent and given users the option to opt-out of these services since that was not possible to do so prior to iOS 5.  However, these things must use some battery if on, and will transmit some data, just as the option to automatically send diagnostic&usage data does (although they seem to be programmed to use wifi, not cellular data, and may only dump their data to Apple when syncing as in the past).


    As I say, just try it.  Disable everything in that Location -> System services section and see if your device behaves in any way, shape or form differently from how it behaved with them on.  Those settings have no effect on your device, your apps or how any device features work. They just quietly collect location based information for Apple's use (or potential future use - some of which may be very nice, like a real-time traffic based nav. service)."

  • snowbr Calculating status...

    tried the "reset all settings" fix proposed by user davidch, and surprise... IT GOT REALLY WORSE...


    overnight I was losing around 2-3% battery (data and 3g OFF - wifi ON)... now I am losing around 10%... (from 2AM to 10AM).


    that is NOT good...

  • MoBieler Calculating status...



    You are right!!


    Turned all system's location services off:


    16:20 hours standby

    7:30 hours of (intensive) use:

    10% left



  • Fxtech Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Great info BryGuy2 !!!


    Makes total sense. I did the same as MoBieier did after reading your info.

    Turned all system's location services off and battery charge holding GREAT.



  • MoBieler Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @everybody: BryGuy2's solution is the one.     

  • nbercasio Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the effort BryGuy but this is not a solution since I had no problems with my battery with location services on before the update...I mean, what is the point of getting a nice smartphone then not use the features due to a problem caused by an update!

  • BryGuy2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You can help some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.



    So far I've:

    Had my battery replaced at the apple store

    Done 2 clean installs

    All the usuall setting changes


    The thing that worked best for me is turning off the "system" location services. I have 60+ apps with all notifications on and push mail every hour. I stream Netflix and spotify or pandora for a long time each day as well as waze navigation. I still have 30% or more at the end of the day. Wifi on at all times and I am for 1/4 or 1/2 the day in wifi range.


    Before the changes that worked I had all settings off no push mail.


    Its what worked for me to be able to keep functionality still.

  • Fxtech Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I completely agree with you. I've done all the changes suggested by you and now I have had AMAZING battery life.

    I charged my 4s up after changes and barely used it and it stay....believe it or not at 100% the entire day and when I did use it a lot more the battery life is still at 75% and I also have a lot of apps that I use and like you, still have Location Services ON but turned OFF System Services as well.


    I don't expect to hear APPLE chime in and suggest this as a way to save battery life...why would they...turning those functions off stops them from receiving marketing info....even if this is an excellent way to slow down the drain.


    WELL DONE BryGuy with the suggestions. I've had all my friends do the same thing and they are loving their phones now.


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