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I have a  power mac g5 dual cpu  i got from my dad  i stated to recover him. Issue in begginig was the graphic card broken


So i got a new grafic card after i placed new grafic card the g5. I tried to startup the g5  and nothing. Press the power on button a white light will go on while i press and the mac gives a dry click the fans rotate 1sec and stop no movemnet.


I changed the battery, i got a new 600w power supply,  reset the smuand all the same nothing changes can anybody help me on whts goingon?


Or whtis the issue?



Help pls

PowerMac, Powrr mac g5 dual cpu 2.0ghz
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    Hello, and welcome to Apple Support Communities!



    Can you remove the graphics card entirely and attempt to power the computer on?

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    I took out andit started now the fans work but no image on screen o check theres power on drives but not boot or start up any idea . The new  graphics its a mac g5 fx 5200  apple partn 630-4862 . The older card that broke was a ati  apple partn 603-3252 could this be the issue of the boot?

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    I'm also having this issue. I re seated the ram, HDD, and graphics card. I think maybe the PSU is dead? I don't have much experience with this model however.


    -Drew Toma