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How do you send an email to a group from the contacts list on my iPad like I can do on my Mac?

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    You can additional recipients to an email that you are composing by tapping the blue + sign in the To: field in the mail app. That brings up the contacts for the contacts app on the iPad.


    There are third party apps - Group Email - that let you set up groups on the iPad. The mail app does not allow you to do that.

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    There are a few good ones on the App Store which let you send email to a group from their own app.


    Our app, "MailShot Pro" takes a different approach, it creates group contacts that you can use directly inside all your favorite apps, just like you would a regular contact. You can even use them from the Mail app.


    it can import the groups you created on your Mac, if you synch them across into Address book groups first via iTunes.


    There is a limited version available that you can try for free, so you dont have anything to lose, give it a go.


    Peter Johnson

    Soluble Apps


    Full disclosure: I am the developer of MailShot, and may benefit from sales of it.

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    I will try your app, but I am completely mystified as to why Apple would not make this available on the IOS for both IPad and IPhone.  That is the mail reason I got my IPad to send emails and I was dumbfounded that they had not addressed this on IPad vs IPhone.  It also bugs me that Mail, even on the Mac, makes it impossible to copy and paste a group of emails from a header into a new group email list in your address book.  With mail you have to add each individual to your address book then click on them one by one to add to a new group.  I have been Mac only for 7 years now, but still miss that feature of windows mail.... Do Apple developers look at these posts?  If not how do I notify them of requests for things like this?  Does anyone know?

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    I feel your pain there.


    The reason Apple products are perceived as simpler to use than, say, Microsoft's is that Microsoft provides every possible option, whereas Apple provide the 10% of functions that is all 90% of people actually need. As a developer it is always a very difficult line to tread. (I try to keep it simple in the MailShot app itself and add lots of options in Settings for those that need it, or have options that only appear when someone might need them).


    I have heard it said that Apple consider group email as a business function, but that seems an unlikely sticking point when so many people use iPhones for business. A lot of the people who use MailShot seem to do so for emailing church groups or sports teams, though plenty of people use it for their business too.


    As to adding contacts without going through your address book? Thats another benefit of the unique way MailShot works- In MailShot you can do this by tapping "import" and then "Manual Entry", you can add contacts one by one directly into your group, by pasting their details into that page without them cluttering up your address book.


    Oh, you can also use MailShot-created groups from your Mac too, when you need it (instructions on our support page for that)


    I hope that helps, any problems contact me on our support line at mailshot(at sign)solubleapps.com and I'll be happy to help.

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    Work Around:


    On your mac:


    1.  Open a new email

    2.  Insert name of an existing group into one of the "To" fields as usual.

    3.  Highlight all the resulting names in the "To" entry

         [Highlight first name, and while holding shift, highlight last name and all will highlight[]

    4. Copy (Command C) the highlighted emails

    5. Paste (Command V) nto a pages document

    6. Remove the name and anything else preceeding the first < and also the first < of only the first entry whixh will look like this:


    7. Remove the > of the last email which will look like this:

         , Jane Doe <jane@gmail.com

    8. Copy the entire altered list from the pages document

    9, Go to Contact Book and click + to add a new entry

    10.. Name the entry (XXX Group for iPad) or whatever you wish to call it

    11.  Paste all the copied altered list into any one of the email entry spaces

    12.  Click on "Done"

    13.  Create new email On iPad and click on + in any one of the "To" lines and search for "XXX Group for iPad"  You cannot just key in XXX Group for iPad!!!!!!!, you must use + contact search.

    14.  Enter the selected iPad contact group into the "To" line.

    15.  All the entries will now appear in the "To" line and you are good to go.


    Adding or deleting email addresses from the iPad group:

    Easiest:  Alter the original mac group in the usual way and repeat steps 1-14 above.  It seems impossible to edit within the emai line of the iPad contact entry.


    Rediculously simple once figured out. 


    Happy emailling, but please send Bcc so that you don't spread your groups' email addresses all over the internet for spam, viruses, and other unwanted emails.  Be considerate and ask your recipients to notifiy you if they wish to be deleted from the lists you compose.

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    All of of this might be working only because I have MailShot installed already. Nonetheless beats rebuilding all my groups one email at the time, ESP the very large group.  Converted groups now showing up as mailshot entries. Would like to hear if it works on an ipad/Mac without mailshot.

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    For only a few dollars, "MailShot Pro" has all the advantages of that method, but is a much easier way to manage your group contacts- very useful if you have a large group, or may want to add or remove contacts after a group is created.


    It can add contacts from the address book, import entire address book groups into group contacts in moments, has a checklist feature to add multiple contacts rapidly, and can show you which contacts may need updating following address book changes.


    You can find it on:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mailshot-pro-group-email-done/id445996226?ls=1&mt =8


    A free version, called "MailShot", is also available to try it out (the number of groups, and contacts per group are limited, but you can easily upgrade it in-app to match the "Pro" capabilities)



    Soluble Apps


    Disclosure: I am the developer of "MailShot Pro" and may benefit from its sale.

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    OK.  Now that I have found and understood the use of the import button on the add contacts page, I agree that MailShot is the superior method.  One can import all (a button) and/or manually deselect no longer desired contacts from the ilist of contact that appears.  I had to read the support pages on groups a couple  times to understand this.


    Group management is not immediately obvious, but is perfectly satisfactory and superior to my suggested approach above.


    The $3.99 upgrade is essential to mangling groups and worth the price.


    Sorry I didn't delve into this more before posting.

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    The $3.99 upgrade is essential to mangling [managing] groups and worth the price. Ha!

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    Thanks for the update, and recommendation, Robert


    For anyone else looking for information on the different ways to import groups into MailShot, you may find the User Guide article on this subject useful, on http://solubleapps.com/mailshot-guide-adding-contacts/



    Soluble Apps

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    A full comprehension of two mailshot help sections is required:


    From support:


    MailShot User Guide 4: The Contacts Page






    MailShot User Guide 7: Importing Address Book Groups


    This lets you rapidly import contacts from groups in your address book into a MailShot group.


    Tap “Import” on the contacts page and “Address Book Group” to choose a group from your address book. MailShot will display a checklist for all the contacts and their email addresses in the group. Deselect any that you don’t want to import into MailShot.


    You can re-import the group again to pick up any additions at a later date