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I have a slight issue with a time machine backup where any help is welcome. I accidentally enabled Time machine on an old internal Hard Drive (connected externally via SATA-USB interface) containing old data before backing up the old data. Now I cannot access the old data.


To narrate the whole story (in case it helps in addressing the problem):


A week back my hard drive data cable conked out, I got the cable replaced at the local Apple Store. I'd also bought a new hard drive (since the old one was maxing out), on which the apple guys very helpfully loaded the OS from my recovery disk (10.5.6; Yes, the ancient one).


Today, I replaced the original Internal Hard Drive on my Macbook Pro (Mid-2009 Intel). I got the old drive out (no backups taken), put the new drive (with the OS installed) in, downloaded all updates to get it to 10.5.8. Everything went fine till I stuck in the old (original) drive. A prompt came up asking me to use it as a time machine backup, and I promptly did the "Yes" there. After I did that, I had misgivings about whether the time machine stuff would actually retain my old stuff and stopped the backup process immediately (pressed the "stop" on the TM progress bar), but guess the damage had been done. I could not access any of the old data on the disk anymore. Though it showed the folders in finder, it came up with a message "The folder could not be opened because you do not have sufficient access privileges" when I tried to access any folder. I completed the backup process (Time Machine), hoping that the data would be accessible after completion, but unfortunately no luck.


Any help, any one?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)